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Googlism comments

Sayuri is a hair below average height for a girl her age
Sayuri is named chiyo and resides in a small fishing village with her older sister
Sayuri is sold to an okiya in kyoto by her desperate father
Sayuri is sold into geisha training
Sayuri is saki's little known kid sister
Sayuri is in the same age as me
Sayuri is an attractive girl
Sayuri is more like a big sister to daichi
Sayuri is beautiful
Sayuri is sold to a geisha house at the age of nine
Sayuri is a zine whose uniqueness is derived from its method of distribution
Sayuri is a hungry rat
Sayuri is our new baby rat
Sayuri is taken from her small fishing village and sold to a kyoto geisha house
Sayuri is a troublemaker and a manipulator
Sayuri is there twice
Sayuri is her best friend and does everything in her power to protect her
Sayuri is sold to an okiya
Sayuri is japanese
Sayuri is clearly patterned after belldandy
Sayuri is
Sayuri is a fictional character
Sayuri is 20 years old
Sayuri is still keeping her pregnancy to herself
Sayuri is not at all prepared for life in a geisha house
Sayuri is a bad investment
Sayuri is a romantic heroine on the order of jane eyre and scarlett o’hara
Sayuri is seated on an upright plastic chair at a circular outdoor table on the veranda of the shimazu residence overlooking the ocean
Sayuri is now the star of this small 20
Sayuri is a classmate of iori's
Sayuri is a native of okinawa prefecture
Sayuri is a full fleged space cadet and can pilot anything that flies
Sayuri is good at memorizing things
Sayuri is a pianist who teaches and performs with students and professional artists including members of the bso
Sayuri is welcome to keep the bow
Sayuri is going to have a performance on or around the last day of the downtime and is issuing everyone an invitation to attend if they wish
Sayuri is an illustrious geisha
Sayuri is an exceptionally exotic woman
Sayuri is sold to a geisha house in kyoto
Sayuri is cousin of cannna
Sayuri is just a japanese crazy asian
Sayuri is realizing that her fate involves being tied to a man she doesn't have feelings for
Sayuri is breathing
Sayuri is a prostitute who dresses like a high
Sayuri is teaching
Sayuri is currently lying in position <not qualified> in the highest average position table
Sayuri is fictional
Sayuri is in love with the chairman but he never seems to pay attention to her
Sayuri is fatherless
Sayuri is on vacation
Sayuri is willing and abel to befriend anybody
Sayuri is taken to faraway kyoto and
Sayuri is assimilated into the hierarchies and codes of comportment
Sayuri is more than patient and used the little free time she had in the last 15 months to prepare my mother's christmas gift
Sayuri is around life is all french at home
Sayuri is written so convincingly that you may assume it's non
Sayuri is or was a geisha
Sayuri is an excellent artist and a talented and prolific writer of gatchaman fanfics
Sayuri is his dummy
Sayuri is a memorable
Sayuri is from a very wealthy family
Sayuri is a japanese k
Sayuri is very shy
Sayuri is caught by a particular bit
Sayuri is dealing with the deterioration of her mother who is ill with cancer
Sayuri is challenged by one of the most popular geishas in town
Sayuri is very out
Sayuri is blessed with exotic blue
Sayuri is describing her life as a child and she stops at regular intervals to explain city
Sayuri is everygirl
Sayuri is given all of the complexity of a wooden puppet dressed in a kimono
Sayuri is the main character in the book
Sayuri is the genuine x
Sayuri is the best
Sayuri is a fictional name
Sayuri is the celebrity figure of the school and has many female fans due to her special aptitude for playing male
Sayuri is a complex
Sayuri is bothered because kate is not as tidy as Sayuri wants her to be
Sayuri is now the proud parent of benimaru
Sayuri is the eldest daughter
Sayuri is on that ship
Sayuri is a highly decorated espionage agent
Sayuri is in shorts and shirt
Sayuri is all you need to know
Sayuri is a heroine that one is able to identify with

Nickname Sayuri

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