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Googlism comments

Seran is tall and lanky
Seran is in a time of great change in the wake of the celestial alignment war
Seran is a painter
Seran is based in the school of biological sciences
Seran is also the storywriter
Seran is engaged to yasudara
Seran is doing
Seran is one whose genetic heritage comes from the extremely rare race of "shadow" fighters
Seran is the women hibiki meets when he runs away from the nirvana
Seran is a mechanic in the mothership of meranasu
Seran is willing to offer
Seran is starring is introduced as hero in this film
Seran is covered with
Seran is the center of the state; a typical indonesian city with the population of 150000 and most of them are islam
Seran is the herald of lady bethany
Seran is mad that he wasn't informed sooner
Seran is an eminent temple priest and scholar
Seran is the champion of albion
Seran is willing to loan horses for the return to edina
Seran is awake
Seran is honest
Seran is looking at the legal aspects involved with the registration of a club
Seran is glanced at
Seran is given a bright smile
Seran is mijn beste vriendin dikke kus hilde
Seran is just another one of them" kyle explained
Seran is also the first to report

Nickname Seran

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