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Googlism comments

Shamus is our nine year old airedale terrier
Shamus is another family member
Shamus is a cute green dragon who is wearing a shamrock decorated hat and is guarding a small pot of gold
Shamus is approximately 18 months old
Shamus is best viewed with the latest versions of microsoft internet explorer or netscape navigator
Shamus is
Shamus is focused on establishing its own place in the rock 'n roll tradition
Shamus is presently in studio
Shamus is an unwelcome in
Shamus is one of those individuals who thinks he is a human
Shamus is a laid
Shamus is now available for the gameboy color
Shamus is published by telegames inc
Shamus is one of new zealand's very small band of resident professional street performers and can be seen plying his trade
Shamus is the anwser to your entertainment needs
Shamus is one of new zealands leading variety entertainers
Shamus is also quite excited about many of the new technologies emerging in relation to live dj sets
Shamus is special because she is so smart
Shamus is resurrected as a port for the game boy
Shamus is a 10
Shamus is already a tv hound
Shamus is a robot
Shamus is a red point male
Shamus is a member of the grosse ile country club
Shamus is head and shoulders above robotron and frenzy
Shamus is one of our senior *vma* members whom is very active on both '76 and '82
Shamus is a machine like no other
Shamus is young by elven standars
Shamus is used to light one candle placed in the far right of the menorah
Shamus is thrilled to finally have his dream come true of having a domain all his own
Shamus is now a programmer for the company
Shamus is quickly developed their own crowd with their rage driven sound and intense live
Shamus is a good example of 1970's cop/private eye movies
Shamus is here
Shamus is dead and gone
Shamus is an exact combination of adventure
Shamus is a patio cat
Shamus is in charge of text and font design for the deaf missions website
Shamus is neutered
Shamus is your guy when you need a little luck in everything
Shamus is a dumbo blue agouti irish rex
Shamus is a hairless carrier
Shamus is the wizard i play on crystal waves mux
Shamus is handed a package to guard
Shamus is a athletic
Shamus is very popular with the schools because he can relate to what the audience wants to hear
Shamus is way cool
Shamus is one angry dude
Shamus is a 1997 graduate of sacramento high school in sacramento
Shamus is us spelling only
Shamus is patient and soft
Shamus is the wizard i play in crystal waves
Shamus is doing really well around the show circuit and his family are all very proud of him
Shamus is banking on our obsession with toys and such
Shamus is an absolute doll
Shamus is a 5 year old
Shamus is the type who enjoys a good vacuuming
Shamus is out
Shamus is known to go into a berzerker rage in the heat of battle
Shamus is called a freak by both springer and various audience members
Shamus is hit
Shamus is her dead husband come back to life and he says he's going to give her son back to her
Shamus is exceptionally tall at six and a half feet with blonde hair shaved at a crest that he is now attempting to grow out because of hostilities towards his
Shamus is one of my best friends online
Shamus is a brawn over mind kind of guy
Shamus is probably the person who frequents this here politics/general forum more than anybody else
Shamus is a 3
Shamus is a beautiful little donkey aged in his late twenties
Shamus is an original arcade style game that was written for several different 8 bit computers in the early 1980's
Shamus is scared
Shamus is an assistant clinical professor at new york university college of dentistry
Shamus is a 6 yr old male sable who came into the rescue as a 5 year old
Shamus is highly skilled with firearms
Shamus is a
Shamus is new in the wizard world group
Shamus is a celtic form of the name james
Shamus is a guy who takes care of handyman tasks around the temple
Shamus is no longer with me
Shamus is the best grandson
Shamus is here to make sure everything goes to plan
Shamus is chairman and founder of wizard magazine
Shamus is a private eye

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