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Googlism comments

Slevin is founder and president of mediamax campaigns
Slevin is a former mayor of the city of safety harbor
Slevin is professor of english at georgetown university and
Slevin is a recipient of three grants from the enterprise corporation of pittsburgh to further research and teaching on entrepreneurship
Slevin is the ratio of nurses and administrators
Slevin is elected deputy chairman and prof tim mcelwain is elected chairman of the medical and specialist advisory board
Slevin is the chairman of the patient charity cancerbacup and has a private practice
Slevin is a real estate professional with prudential gore range properties located in vail
Slevin is looking for companies that focus on the customers' needs
Slevin is an irish
Slevin is well known and regarded for his work with peggy's leg
Slevin is calling for a voucher system to ensure money follows the patient
Slevin is a writer
Slevin is a sustaining member of the junior league of pittsburgh
Slevin is attached to headquarters and headquarters company
Slevin is deployed from vilseck
Slevin is right
Slevin is product manager
Slevin is a member of numerous professional associations and a member of the board of the intelligent transportation society of virginia
Slevin is a member of the priory of our holy father st dominic
Slevin is a consultant medical oncologist at st bartholomew's hospital
Slevin is a partner in the business & finance department and a member of the mergers and acquisitions group and the securities group
Slevin is co
Slevin is an environmental scientist whose work is mainly in the area of oil spills and contamination caused by industrial activities
Slevin is fortunately one of those nm "theorists" that doesn't really want to belong to either camp
Slevin is hired by van denburgh to collect reptiles on a 17 month
Slevin is excited about the positive influence that the project might have on community health
Slevin is a senior lecturer in nursing in the school of nursing at the university of ulster and a nurse commissioner with the health and social services
Slevin is at pains to emphasize
Slevin is the nascus director of education and has been a member of the management team since 1997
Slevin is also admitted to practice in the us district court
Slevin is a graduate of the university of notre dame with a bs degree in biology
Slevin is associate professor at the amsterdam school of communications research at the university of amsterdam
Slevin is associate professor at the amsterdam school of communications research
Slevin is now almost 6 months old and is a horse of a man
Slevin is running 26
Slevin is professor of business administration at the katz graduate school of business at the university of pittsburgh
Slevin is a senior lecturer in marketing communications and is currently leading the pr module on the ma marketing communications programme
Slevin is using a midas heritage 3000 console
Slevin is editor of the blackwell publishers sociology internet resources website
Slevin is guest professor at university of roskilde and associate professor at the university of amsterdam
Slevin is dedicated to unity in christ
Slevin is to undertake an update survey of atco authorities' progress on information systems
Slevin is gambling will not destroy the original intimate acoustic of the
Slevin is a professor of english who has taught at georgetown university since 1975
Slevin is getting at
Slevin is a member and former chair of the english department at georgetown university in washington
Slevin is a senior creative writing major
Slevin is a senior vice president at parker/hunter
Slevin is admitted to the pennsylvania and district of columbia bars
Slevin is head of the firm's information technology equity research effort
Slevin is pursuing a degree in business management at the community college of beaver county
Slevin is 53
Slevin is charged with the following
Slevin is the mind behind http
Slevin is the 19
Slevin is ceo and john vosicky is cfo of bfg technologies
Slevin is general manager of merit moving systems in temecula
Slevin is involved in
Slevin is the mind behind www
Slevin is the vice president
Slevin is the clhs art teacher
Slevin is still in doubt as of monday afternoon
Slevin is a slick
Slevin is currently on secondment with dft and can be contacted on
Slevin is daler
Slevin is assistant professor in information studies in the department of communication studies
Slevin is now a team best 8
Slevin is 5
Slevin is a widely recognized composition expert
Slevin is featured in the following seminars
Slevin is still making music close to his heart
Slevin is a great guitar player
Slevin is international consultant and trainer who educates
Slevin is currently supervising students who are carrying out research for amnesty international ni
Slevin is an irish musician
Slevin is manager of field quality engineering at advanced micro devices
Slevin is part of the student advisory service
Slevin is stating that websites make content available to others who are constantly assessing and defining their sense of self
Slevin is a member of the american bar association section on labor and employment law committee on employee benefits; a member of the new york
Slevin is a merchant at the tower just across the bridge with a fisherman on it
Slevin is a major player in the public relations of politics
Slevin is easily ticked off by three things
Slevin is associate professor of sociology at the college of william and mary
Slevin is successful in getting 37
Slevin is a chartered accountant and joint chief executive of integral finance technology
Slevin is professor of english at georgetown university
Slevin is applying to the council for out

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