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Googlism comments

Smiff is always willing to lend a helping hand as long as there
Smiff is puttin' it down in the atl with funky rap
Smiff is like buzz's prosthetic hip attachment
Smiff is a failover
Smiff is talking to himself a lot
Smiff is where my nickname "knucklehead" came from
Smiff is smoove and cool
Smiff is testing right now
Smiff is at 233 skill
Smiff is the man
Smiff is the weapon
Smiff is eliminated next
Smiff is just as intimidating as his party's beliefs
Smiff is currently appearing on bbc2 tuesdaily
Smiff is just scarier than a clown
Smiff is sitting on the pit wall
Smiff is please can you get a new avatar im finding this very confusing
Smiff is back

Nickname Smiff

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