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Googlism comments

Sonu is the best
Sonu is choice of teen agers????? topic started by aamir khan
Sonu is best
Sonu is left with no alternative but to bring geeta to his own house where she is warmly welcomed by Sonu's mother
Sonu is best while ruminating over his lyrics
Sonu is more relaxed here
Sonu is at home with every kindda nr
Sonu is as emotional as ever in kuch kasme
Sonu is nowadays busy reading the scripts of movies
Sonu is not formally trained in music
Sonu is furious
Sonu is in full form once again for a govinda starrer and it is good to hear jaspinder after somewhat of a gap
Sonu is not only a competent singer but a very expressive one
Sonu is looking forward to more that life has to
Sonu is just likeable
Sonu is nu bezig met een paar films waar hij als acteur in gaat spelen
Sonu is able to patao pooja
Sonu is at home in the world of transport logistics
Sonu is thuis in de wereld van transport en logistiek
Sonu is joined by preeti pinky
Sonu is most popular for his playback singing in bollywood movies however
Sonu is coupled by sapna awasthi
Sonu is going into film
Sonu is really the best love live Sonu
Sonu is good too
Sonu is back on tv doing what he is best at
Sonu is making a hue and cry because he feels that he is losing out on all his singing assignments
Sonu is the hero of the film
Sonu is currently an undergraduate student at george mason university
Sonu is his usual dependent self and goes through the number with ease
Sonu is seen as a very nice man in this industry
Sonu is tis the first time you are on chat? Sonu
Sonu is good voice more important or right connection in the industry Sonu nigam
Sonu is one of the most
Sonu is regular stuff from mr
Sonu is great and he shows us his versatility in this album singing songs of different styles and various ranges
Sonu is the first to taste success but now he has to convince pooja's father gulzarilal
Sonu is good as a singer but bad as a host
Sonu is the best host i ever seen on the television before
Sonu is a brilliant singer and the songs have been very well produced
Sonu is getrouwd
Sonu is working on adding fractions with common denominators
Sonu is excellent here avoiding the usual imitative inflexions
Sonu is getting increasingly imitative and the title song 'jodi no 1' is another such example
Sonu is now busy recording for mumbai movies
Sonu is comfortable
Sonu is a pioneer in the instant messaging space
Sonu is now back with 'yaad'
Sonu is founder of the the company codefinger
Sonu is a la silsila
Sonu is an amazing singer and of the current lot i doubt if anyone is as versatile as him
Sonu is best; from
Sonu is at his crying best in "maa"
Sonu is sent off to goa to recover dues from a client
Sonu is at his creative best
Sonu is looking for the female lead to star opposite him
Sonu is sent to his father`s office in mumbai while monu is sent to goa to collect an unpaid debt on his father`s behalf
Sonu is looking very fit and trim
Sonu is great
Sonu is the other project america northeast regional director
Sonu is certainly signing the right films
Sonu is the baby of one
Sonu is reinvention personified
Sonu is a partner in the firm?s electrical practice group
Sonu is a beautiful male who lives in india
Sonu is sent of to goa to recover dues from a client
Sonu is a man who has been deaf and dumb since birth
Sonu is our chief financial advisor
Sonu is wailing
Sonu is his pet name
Sonu is my nickname
Sonu is only 11
Sonu is not a magician
Sonu is her mother's cousin
Sonu is
Sonu is al vertrokken naar een 'breakfast meeting' en ik ga achter de computer zitten en de persconferentie afschrijven
Sonu is a member of "rlingard"
Sonu is the wonderful boy but he never pass in his exam
Sonu is all set awaiting the release of his debut film as an actor
Sonu is just one such child who has been deprived of the basic school education
Sonu is our "grand old lady" and now retired
Sonu is starring in two movies due to be released mid
Sonu is making his acting debut opposite actor raj babbar?s daughter juhi in ?kaash aap hamaare hotey? and ?jaani dushman? while lucky ali makes his debut
Sonu is fine
Sonu is all set to make his debut as leading man in vm vinu's kanmashi

Nickname Sonu

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