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Googlism comments

Starky is solid stay at home defensemen playing for the rebels minor peewee team
Starky is survived by his cat
Starky is hot on the trail of $70
Starky is running unopposed in the democratic primary
Starky is a demon who is determined to claim the angelic souls of four crippled young girls
Starky is severely underrated
Starky is surely among the most interesting personalities around
Starky is about to sing the national anthem at the world series
Starky is absentmindedly eating some shredded tweet from the previous episode
Starky is the only one that went to sleep at all
Starky is likely from
Starky is looking for pieces of his ship to rebuild it
Starky is here
Starky is hot on the trail of $70 million in embezzled cash
Starky is the little blue alien dude who is really cool
Starky is doing something special
Starky is trying to write himself in
Starky is trying to mount a write
Starky is
Starky is trying to patch up a failing marriage
Starky is to white
Starky is the stereotype martian in flying saucer for chrono cross
Starky is a perfect example
Starky is always on a mission
Starky is in your party
Starky is a mad cuntasaurus on aug 5
Starky is sire of angelo 2nd bourges 480km 10
Starky is well aware of the opportunities offered by tourism to the food industry
Starky is fifty meters to your left
Starky is an
Starky is stating his grievances
Starky is so nonchalant
Starky is hot on the trail of 70 million in embezzeled cash
Starky is with you
Starky is because the event that happens immediately following this battle requires Starky to be in your party
Starky is gone
Starky is adorable
Starky is perhaps the cutest character in chrono cross

Nickname Starky

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