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Googlism comments

Static is silver
Static is a uk based company manufacturing and supplying a wide
Static is to lose ground
Static is not
Static is down
Static is basis” vs “motion is basic”
Static is good
Static is wrong to close its master
Static is silver is
Static is coming
Static is used
Static is the fact that the charge carriers are created by the process itself
Static is back
Static is live sundays at 3pm pst
Static is not standing still
Static is used in a second context
Static is utilizing sun enterprise
Static is a code which evaluates the total energy
Static is designed to be compiled into a serial version for use on single processor pcs
Static is the contact and separation of triboelectrically dissimilar materials
Static is one of subtlety and unforced tonal balance
Static is extremely effective as an anti
Static is profoundly misleading
Static is a public safety campaign intended to increase awareness of the potential danger posed by the discharge of Static electricity
Static is born
Static is a touchy business
Static is produced due to the action of machinery and processes
Static is a naturally
Static is the visible etheric medium of spirit entities
Static is one of things that not very much is known about it
Static is
Static is the last
Static is an appropriate metaphor
Static is our legacy taught from birth what we believe our mind creates another
Static is officially out now
Static is not only a problem for flat
Static is wrong to close its master server
Static is a very narrow vertical market product
Static is a sacred duty
Static is fun to look at
Static is a high performance fibre made with pure silver
Static is caused by an excess or lack of electrons localized on a portion of the surface
Static is the shit though
Static is my sex toy
Static is a problem
Static is a moving
Static is that he really has nothing legible to say
Static is the invisible enemy that is a major cause of paint film contamination
Static is a serious problem in many industries
Static is the last thing ya need when ya see me "2pac go ahead and rock
Static is created from a number of sources
Static is also a tone on the linear tone scale
Static is likely to cause
Static is heard while battlecom is active and mixing it's sounds with a game
Static is by taking a balloon and rubbing it on your cloths or the carpet
Static is used in many fda approved products and is also registered as an anti
Static is used to declare a
Static is symbolically attacked from all sides with various weapons
Static is frozen
Static is considered contamination
Static is all there for a good reason
Static is the quality of the printed image
Static is deprecated
Static is based on a predictive model of ebl and acts as a compiler for control rules in domains that support such analysis before any training examples are run
Static is used to differentiate the Static constructor from the normal constructors
Static is looking for players for atlantic city
Static is also seeking freelance work on other projects
Static is utilizing sun enterprise 4500 servers as part of its infrastructure
Static is dissipated throughout the system
Static is a role
Static is if it neither accesses nor modifies any of the instance
Static is not given >in the interface declaration
Static is not given in the interface declaration
Static is provided and the Static is smoothed in overlap areas
Static is not available
Static is an industrial/gothic/noise band from orlando fl official site
Static is now online
Static is j hinton
Static is a badly perceived concept when it concerns the human in motion
Static is present

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