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Googlism comments

Stoke is in tha house
Stoke is a sh*thole
Stoke is rude
Stoke is the home of the oatcake
Stoke is the historical centre of the english pottery industry
Stoke is some three miles away and is linked by a frequent bus service
Stoke is a medium
Stoke is the only one of the 12 medieval town centre churches to stand south of the river orwell
Stoke is one of 46 unitary authorities in england
Stoke is reflected in the high proportion of its workforce employed in manufacturing
Stoke is a small hamlet situated between Stoke
Stoke is one of the six towns of Stoke
Stoke is also famous as the birthplace of footballer sir stanley matthews and of pop star robbie williams
Stoke is a long established church
Stoke is the subject of the latest new module on northcliffe electronic publishing's this is? websites
Stoke is a great city
Stoke is a large development first planned in the 1970s
Stoke is the ideal venue
Stoke is heated with electricity
Stoke is very keen to listen to reader's comments and to ensure that the books really are enjoyable
Stoke is still fun
Stoke is a little more built up but the leek road site has more of a campus feel to it
Stoke is cheap
Stoke is in the bottom half of the ten with a level that is approaching the ‘exceptional’ range
Stoke is one of the major manufacturing centers in this region
Stoke is twinned with erlangen in germany
Stoke is old english for 'outlying farmstead or hamlet'
Stoke is probably from the saxon stokken which means a farm or land holding
Stoke is a place without a core
Stoke is known the world over as the potteries and despite what arnold bennett or even microsoft's encarta would have you believe
Stoke is one of the world's most important centres of pottery production
Stoke is direct but on busy roads
Stoke is home from home for vikings
Stoke is on the inside
Stoke is a place with so many things to do
Stoke is approximately 6
Stoke is approximately 11
Stoke is to play host to the first heat of the uk's official national text championships on tuesday 13 august
Stoke is a distinctive hotel in a prominent position in the
Stoke is in the same group of villages as freshford
Stoke is a 900
Stoke is proactive and radical
Stoke is a new town located just north of bristol
Stoke is still in use by peugeot today
Stoke is delighted to welcome the following new players
Stoke is 'worst place to live' in england and wales a new lifestyle survey suggests Stoke is the worst place to live in england and wales
Stoke is intended to be a directory of useful links for Stoke and welcomes the addition of new Stoke links to its pages
Stoke is a town on the outskirts of bristol and falls within the local authority area of south gloucestershire
Stoke is dirty and can be dismal
Stoke is cool
Stoke is often described as "the venice of the west midlands" and is the ideal place to enjoy a trip on one of its waterways
Stoke is where it's at
Stoke is used as a billiard room
Stoke is a shithole but we have fun
Stoke is a pleasant village on the south bank of the trent
Stoke is important to npower and we are keen to hear from anyone interested in joining the team here
Stoke is a wider area of eastern coventry that includes several distinct neighbourhoods
Stoke is 25
Stoke is situated between junction 15 & 16 of the m6
Stoke is held under this manor by a quit rent of 2s
Stoke is unique
Stoke is when the piston goes top to bottom
Stoke is truly called Stoke
Stoke is also an established financial advisor to several local gp's
Stoke is
Stoke is much brighter than the step leader
Stoke is a perfect example of english rural life
Stoke is an important step in the area's struggle against
Stoke is performed 2
Stoke is a large
Stoke is biddulph gardens
Stoke is recorded in the doomsday book of 1085
Stoke is due to close for 12 weeks from monday 9 september for carriageway stabilisation and resurfacing work
Stoke is one of ?the five towns? which make up Stoke
Stoke is resurgent with lots of new money and people coming in
Stoke is most definitely not 'on trent'? have you found the river trent yet?
Stoke is one of them
Stoke is not an easy place to go to; wolves were happy with a draw on sunday and i have to admit that a draw was fair all round
Stoke is not gerry
Stoke is a 1 hour 45 min train journey from london
Stoke is funding an additional clinic at tunstall
Stoke is known for the development of the famous potteries loop line
Stoke is opposed to a referendum
Stoke is used on balls that are hit from below the height of the
Stoke is never a very welcoming place to blues supporters
Stoke is on the north staffordshire railway
Stoke is by way of longnor village
Stoke is now left without a chairman at the very moment when key decisions have to be taken about rebuilding

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