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Googlism comments

Sudo is worth the trouble by panda
Sudo is integrated into openbsd
Sudo is configuring Sudoers
Sudo is a program designed to allow a sysadmin to give limited root
Sudo is free software and is distributed under a bsd
Sudo is also an idea for running scripts as another user since setting the suid bit for scripts does not work
Sudo is supplied in source form and you need to compile it
Sudo is simple to use
Sudo is straight
Sudo is a program designed to allow a sysadmin to give limited root privileges to users and
Sudo is standard with most distros's
Sudo is run a password will be required
Sudo is currently available via anonymous ftp from the following locations
Sudo is available from the resource materials section of the 83521 website/cd
Sudo is the program
Sudo is to limit what commands can be run by users
Sudo is a tool used for running programs with root privilege
Sudo is a gui frontend to Sudo
Sudo is the same
Sudo is a good tool for that
Sudo is normally regulated via /etc/Sudoers
Sudo is not being used
Sudo is a utility designed to allow the root user to delegate specific tasks that require root's
Sudo is very famous for one of the masters of sanjo rokkaku hand made builder
Sudo is preferable
Sudo is a program to allow limited root logins
Sudo is a special package for this purpose
Sudo is used for is to run /bin/sh
Sudo is short for super doer and allows you to execute commands as another user
Sudo is 1
Sudo is a program
Sudo is a setuid root program
Sudo is included with os x
Sudo is a widely used linux/unix utility that lets users securely run commands as other users
Sudo is different than Sudo it is treated as the first argument
Sudo is available with
Sudo is installed setuid root
Sudo is generally suid root
Sudo is supported
Sudo is darn easy to compile/install from scratch
Sudo is "installed" on your server
Sudo is to grant users temporary and restricted access to super user privileged
Sudo is in the ports collection for freebsd
Sudo is done as Sudo <command>
Sudo is an alternative to su that i highly recommend
Sudo is author of zen computer
Sudo is run
Sudo is still enabled
Sudo is a better choice for user authorization
Sudo is calling afs in
Sudo is asking for my non
Sudo is easy to configure and uses a straightforward syntax
Sudo is available for most distributions as a core package or a contributed package
Sudo is that it's an
Sudo is that it's an external program
Sudo is a setuid root wrapper that implements fine
Sudo is /etc/Sudoers
Sudo is to grant users temporary
Sudo is also known as cu
Sudo is available from
Sudo is by giving users *only* those that they need in order to get their tasks
Sudo is expected to run on most un*x variants
Sudo is intended to solve the problem of having to need root to do certain things
Sudo is the most exciting fighter at his weight
Sudo is used on a system to grant selective root authority to select users to execute certain commands with the
Sudo is a program designed to allow a sysadmin to give limited root privileges to users and log root activity
Sudo is a program used to delegate superuser privileges to ordinary users and only for specific commands
Sudo is to assume the privileges of the system administrator
Sudo is necessarily installed suid root a local user can use this to gain root access
Sudo is 'Sudo command' and it asks you for your password
Sudo is a program that allowss a sysadmin to give limited root
Sudo is a tool that gives fine
Sudo is not required
Sudo is a standard unix command
Sudo is compiled with
Sudo is cu
Sudo is necessary behaviour to ensure security

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