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Googlism comments

Sworder is known for swooping down on the enemy and using its wing swords and top blade to cut the opposition
Sworder is a thin
Sworder is the zoid for you
Sworder is on the ceiling and it releases a swarm of little blue bugs
Sworder is not so lucky
Sworder is the most advanced air zoid in existence
Sworder is packed with cannons
Sworder is our logistics queen
Sworder is head of the dept
Sworder is a very nice design
Sworder is onderweg naar voren
Sworder is ready for arctic battle conditions
Sworder is insured principally in the phoenix fire office
Sworder is set to grid on row two of the big money showdown
Sworder is one of the few zoids with both land and air capabilities
Sworder is not dependent upon the characteristics of the observation
Sworder is a new
Sworder is an insect type zoid

Nickname Sworder

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