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Googlism comments

Taichi is usually translated as the cosmos
Taichi is not a religion but a ‘philosophy’ of life
Taichi is also a serious martial art
Taichi is a branch of chinese wushu
Taichi is a slow moving meditation
Taichi is said to keep the body supple and the internal organs healthy
Taichi is a very practical tool that the scientist in us all can use to explore the mysteries of the mind
Taichi is far more than relaxing
Taichi is an annoying
Taichi is an idiot and um
Taichi is also protective of everybody in the group
Taichi is using inner strength
Taichi is the chinese name given to that which is said to encompass and pervade all
Taichi is longevity with rejuvenation
Taichi is to understand the workings of the tao "universal way"
Taichi is called 'internal'
Taichi is called `internal'
Taichi is also known as taiji
Taichi is the only martial art that i can keep using and learning until the last days of my old age
Taichi is a good
Taichi is practiced
Taichi is one of the five major Taichi styles
Taichi is a form of traditional chinese martial arts with a history of over 600 years and its theoretical foundation traced over 3
Taichi is the unanimous leader of the chosen children
Taichi is the official ambassador of the digital world
Taichi is turned down by the village chief
Taichi is surrounded by a hazy glow
Taichi is on the cover
Taichi is the adventurous leader in 01
Taichi is a chinese martial art and is thousands of years old
Taichi is a chinese martial art
Taichi is thrilled about lelola
Taichi is not well understood and is even more difficult to put into words
Taichi is second to none
Taichi is the ancient chinese philosophy that explained the "behavior and interaction" of the whole universal
Taichi is the power of relaxation
Taichi is now well known because of its function to improve health
Taichi is talking in the middle of a yellow field at the very beginning
Taichi is injured in a motorcycle accident and paralyzed from the waist down
Taichi is clearly disappointed
Taichi is involved in the prostitution club and one member threaten Taichi using his father's company
Taichi is
Taichi is a slow motion of wushu
Taichi is not different from any other martial art
Taichi is taught by master liu and david cowan on different days
Taichi is anders dan bij alle andere vechtkunsten
Taichi is one of the toughest and fastest sports in the world and with practice
Taichi is a esoteric
Taichi is the main character of this doujinshi
Taichi is his hero
Taichi is made of the two substances of black and white
Taichi is trying to log into 852
Taichi is to take control of one's mental and physical energies
Taichi is a playboy enjoying having sex with diffetent women everyday
Taichi is what you would call the leader of the group
Taichi is the best tamer
Taichi is a kid who loves playing the virtual pet game digimon
Taichi is famous on it's theory on Taichi
Taichi is a born leader and is usually the first to jump into
Taichi is achieved by investing a lot in research and work
Taichi is something more than a technology
Taichi is a martial art and this means to defend my own
Taichi is also dominating the phase diagram of our observing set
Taichi is recognized around the world for its leather roadracing suits
Taichi is seeing if shinobu wants to try kissing with her
Taichi is part of the ibui yon kyoudai
Taichi is still really into soccer and wants to become a pro player
Taichi is a very fiery personality and has demonstrated countless times in the past that he will use violence when he gets upset enough
Taichi is trying to prove that he can be the leader of the
Taichi is for enjoyment enjoy your Taichi
Taichi is in love with his guy best
Taichi is a man in the village of despair who befriends hikage
Taichi is all about
Taichi is the
Taichi is one of five chinese accomplishments believed to make a person superior
Taichi is pretty much on his own
Taichi is the union of the yin
Taichi is a big meanie who won't let me talk to matt on the phone
Taichi is borrowed from laozi ‘s works
Taichi is the human chosen to save the digital world by lord holy angemon
Taichi is incorrectly practiced only slow
Taichi is the large one
Taichi is watching as yamato's band preforms
Taichi is demonstrated in every instance
Taichi is shinobu's only friend
Taichi is a successful young writer who has just returned from a job in australia
Taichi is also the first "canto
Taichi is a struggling soccer player

Nickname Taichi

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