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Googlism comments

Talisman is an object in which life force is directed to manifest
Talisman is any object whose prescence exercises a powerful
Talisman is energizing it continuously with his/her own life force
Talisman is the easiest
Talisman is capable of making your computer unique and completely responsive to your needs as a user
Talisman is an object in which life force is directed to manifest your wishes
Talisman is comprised of all the symbols that constitute one's astrological identity
Talisman is an acts project that started on september 1st
Talisman is helping the government extract oil
Talisman is most used for love
Talisman is august 16
Talisman is the best
Talisman is the single greatest thing ive ever seen
Talisman is pretty well known and until recently was sold in a big box with 3 hardly small boxes of expansions in its 3rd edition of rules
Talisman is a game played in a mythical world of dragons and sorcery
Talisman is treasured by all who wish to become rich and famous
Talisman is exploring
Talisman is a new unit established to support teaching and learning in scottish metropolitan area networks
Talisman is a gift from olihoot
Talisman is packed with plenty of adventure
Talisman is the largest canadian
Talisman is an object that sustains and empowers your soul's life force and protects it from harmful influences
Talisman is any small item such as small piece of wood
Talisman is trying to introduce human
Talisman is not a shop it is an event" jane ducas
Talisman is an extraordinary novel of loyalty
Talisman is 1 3/4" in diameter
Talisman is unequaled for all matters of the heart; love
Talisman is committed to fair trade practices and improving the quality of life of marginalized artisans in developing countries
Talisman is investigating the possibility of using wind
Talisman is reviewing the possibility of implementing acid gas re
Talisman is defined by the merriam
Talisman is believed to be one of the most beneficial and successful of all the ancient Talismans
Talisman is not liable for any
Talisman is a very well run corporation
Talisman is awarded just as another Talisman
Talisman is not available under the 30 day free trial plan
Talisman is any object whose prescence exercises a powerful influence on human feelings or actions
Talisman is vehemently opposed to forced relocation for oil development and i personally believe such practices are abhorrent
Talisman is part owner of a large sudanese oil project that accounts for about 10% of its total cash flow
Talisman is a major financial partner with the sudanese government
Talisman is stealing the resources of southern sudan to fund your new sports complex
Talisman is for research purposes only and not for commercial
Talisman is an object charged with męgen and a spell coded into it
Talisman is sitting on one of the central battlefields
Talisman is on the verge of selling its stake in the sudan project have involved india's oil & natural gas corp
Talisman is specifically made to achieve a particular purpose
Talisman is a top
Talisman is a four
Talisman is the second of four mark iv vessels that daewoo heavy industries is building for wallenius wilhelmsen
Talisman is in braziliė de meest bekende
Talisman is "fueling the war" in sudan
Talisman is a great game and my friends and i have spent endless hours playing it
Talisman is committed to the north sea
Talisman is nearly one inch tall
Talisman is better than totem for clerics and druids reply
Talisman is a panamanian band
Talisman is
Talisman is something made especially for the person
Talisman is a company incorporated under the canada business corporations act with a head
Talisman is? aha
Talisman is one of canada's most internationaloil producers
Talisman is always seeking talented and creative players
Talisman is replacement for windows desktop and shell replacement
Talisman is energizinging it continuously with his/her own life force
Talisman is constantly fed large doses of red energy which is then kept projecting out into the world that increased confrontation
Talisman is rather difficult but getting easier
Talisman is layered in 24 karat gold
Talisman is double sided and cast upon consecrated virgin goatskin parchment paper
Talisman is to decide what it is you want it for
Talisman is meant to assure success in love
Talisman is on the left just through town
Talisman is working out a double system
Talisman is accused of helping fuel a civil war in sudan between the islamic
Talisman is distinctive jewellery designed to give easy access to your vital medical details and is internationally recognised
Talisman is for you
Talisman is a fantasy boardgame from games workshop
Talisman is an object or charm believed to confer on its bearer supernatural powers or protection
Talisman is doing everything within its power to find peace and improve living conditions in the sudan
Talisman is a play by e
Talisman is the code name for a project to develop a new architecture for low cost but high quality multimedia acceleration on pcs
Talisman is actually a miniature representation of the pattern the planets formed when you where born
Talisman is helping to develop is disputed
Talisman is indirectly participating in governmental attacks on civilians
Talisman is a frequent guest speaker at local and national meetings and conferences
Talisman is bonded to an owner and are an oog logistical record
Talisman is indeed a dream of a car
Talisman is easy to understand and can be played by all of the family

Nickname Talisman

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