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Googlism comments

Talker is down for the moment
Talker is done via the keyboard
Talker is down
Talker is open to all athabasca university students
Talker is alive
Talker is a great place to chat with many people at once in almost real time
Talker is a chat server that has been around since the beginning of the net
Talker is a program that lets you hold a conversation over the phone with someone by making your computer talk for you
Talker is an inexpensive screen reader for windows 95
Talker is a software program that makes it possible for people to talk to each other using the internet
Talker is designed to self
Talker is a text
Talker is a fun place
Talker is a place for people to meet and talk with other people around the world
Talker is here for one and all as a place to relax and chat
Talker is a place where users
Talker is relatively easy
Talker is to be used for technical conversations with some general chit chat
Talker is hit
Talker is a completely self
Talker is a web site that hosts online chatting or conversations entered at the keyboard
Talker is a one message
Talker is a privately owned and operated internet chat community home
Talker is a needed and valuable resource for millions of parents
Talker is a result of the efforts of netizens who want a safe place to hang out on the tnet
Talker is for general chat but somewhat hard to understand commands wise
Talker is someone who asks the teacher at least three questions
Talker is more than just an internet dating service
Talker is a cross between a mud and an irc
Talker is directly in front of the arrays
Talker is a window in which messages from the observing system to the user are displayed
Talker is a mac
Talker is = mr lars with mail = from = the speake = det är verkligen synd att alla som verkligen vet hur landet skall styras är
Talker is down for the duration
Talker is a joint project by myself
Talker is ew2 based
Talker is one of
Talker is so amazing
Talker is the mostly popular used by posters to the news group alt
Talker is a vocal
Talker is called north america and their home page is here
Talker is its atmosphere
Talker is on or off what
Talker is any device that sends data to other devices within the standard
Talker is going to say and stop listening? ______ ______
Talker is unknown
Talker is clearly designed with the live guitarist in mind
Talker is located at address Talker
Talker is active
Talker is a chat room with a difference as it has many more commands and options
Talker is recorded
Talker is saying /ba/
Talker is saying
Talker is a complete package
Talker is able to
Talker is supplied by oaktree internet solutions
Talker is experiencing
Talker is always on the edge of going out of control
Talker is not to criticize or complain about the listener
Talker is a site
Talker is probably talking less than 200 words per minute
Talker is non
Talker is not a place for illegal dealings
Talker is
Talker is the voice part of traveler without the 3d world stuff
Talker is exactly the same distance between the two microphones
Talker is the place where you go to converse with multiple users
Talker is a try
Talker is a user
Talker is a program on the internet that people log into using telnet
Talker is physically able to produce the acoustic patterns that listeners perceive as one vowel or another
Talker is doing
Talker is a 'chat' with real time capabilities
Talker is outgoing and social
Talker is from the
Talker is currently down
Talker is how you chat to people on the disc
Talker is 8 feet from microphone
Talker is an attempt to improve upon the age old art of prank calling
Talker is a very simple program
Talker is familiar to you and is aware of your hearing loss
Talker is updated in real time as people take turns talking
Talker is trusted by
Talker is usually always on except during contests or

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