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Googlism comments

Tarken is recognized as an outstanding leader and educator in the human resource profession
Tarken is covered with glittering dust
Tarken is doing in the alley behind city hall
Tarken is unwell because a piece of paper says so
Tarken is stage 1a
Tarken is the chair for the 2002 shrm annual conference
Tarken is our dorm prefect
Tarken is good
Tarken is a 414 yd par 4
Tarken is an hr consultant specializing in retention
Tarken is right
Tarken is picked up and thrown out of the lounge by a drunken klingon
Tarken is so much a man why dosn't he do his national service insted of hiding like a girl?
Tarken is bail organa of alderaan

Nickname Tarken

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