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Googlism comments

Taxa is the exact same
Taxa is equivalent to a Taxa block in a nexus file
Taxa is plural
Taxa is given a 1 for the stonefly
Taxa is $120 for one year of access
Taxa is made to the database and the number of sequences available is returned
Taxa is a logical
Taxa is drawn from references i have come across in the course of preparing a general account of the ediacaran biota
Taxa is termed ___
Taxa is related to organic
Taxa is dominant in
Taxa is the most
Taxa is a parent node of any element of a another taxon or union given in
Taxa is set
Taxa is questionable
Taxa is a term referring to some Taxa living around the permo
Taxa is supposed to be saprobic but mycosociological observations indicate that many terricolous entoloma also enter ectomycorrhiza with
Taxa is not only between individuals or populations
Taxa is low
Taxa is shown in parentheses
Taxa is reduced relative to occurrence of more tolerant Taxa but reproducing populations are maintained
Taxa is in fact legal
Taxa is randomized n times keeping only the best trees
Taxa is small
Taxa is individually removed
Taxa is still low and we can not be certain
Taxa is one less than the label for taxon t +1
Taxa is maintained in a searchable database by the ssc red list programme as part of the ssc's species information service
Taxa is available
Taxa is appropriate because the tree of life project focuses on phylogenetic relationships rather than taxonomic categories
Taxa is desired
Taxa is about 11000 or may be even higher
Taxa is essentially a two
Taxa is the subject matter of phylogenetic biology
Taxa is a software system that manages records of taxonomic names
Taxa is 225
Taxa is not stated in wagner's step 5
Taxa is not in itself an adequate solution to this problem
Taxa is provided to all who are interested
Taxa is presented alphabetically by state
Taxa is relatively weak
Taxa is similar to that in maize and other cereals
Taxa is reached in the keys
Taxa is presently not displayed
Taxa is by comparing
Taxa is
Taxa is a consequence of pan
Taxa is shown with red vertical lines
Taxa is more accurate
Taxa is part of the european list
Taxa is defined as
Taxa is an implicit idea of any botanical database
Taxa is based on assessments of literature and common practice with where necessary reference to the herbarium as well as specialist advice
Taxa is also generally submitted from page to page
Taxa is able to treat an unrestricted number of different concepts related to a specified name
Taxa is expected to increase even more when detailed studies in biodiversity are performed
Taxa is first viewed as it was originally described
Taxa is multiplied by 8 to get a relative abundance
Taxa is a subset of
Taxa is to be provided
Taxa is very common in certain samples
Taxa is likely to
Taxa is generally low
Taxa is presented by size of males and females respectively
Taxa is diluted by
Taxa is a complicated and ongoing process
Taxa is half than the huelva area
Taxa is curious in the light of the comparison with the related
Taxa is 10000
Taxa is necessary
Taxa is confined to artificially propagated
Taxa is minimal for the
Taxa is a time
Taxa is another single taxon
Taxa is addressed in the jepson manual
Taxa is limited only by the size of your computer; adjust the memory size of the program upwards using the "get info" box when necessary
Taxa is difficult
Taxa is far lesser than that for lower
Taxa is followed by a list of "possible additions" that may occur or be expected in the state but for which i saw no evidence
Taxa is not found
Taxa is reflected in genetic differences and similarities
Taxa is life span

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