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Googlism comments

Teucer is known to be the most fantastic archer among the greeks
Teucer is at war with dardanus
Teucer is taken
Teucer is to call us knaves
Teucer is closely bound to priam
Teucer is grateful for the warning
Teucer is is half
Teucer is one of the fathers of the trojan
Teucer is the man whose arrival is keenly awaited in the first half
Teucer is not the early king of troy but the son of telamon
Teucer is pulled off the battlefield
Teucer is your leader and Teucer takes the auspices
Teucer is one of the most skilled of the achaean archers
Teucer is
Teucer is our leader
Teucer is not there
Teucer is such a great shot with his arrows
Teucer is preparing to bury ajax's body in defiance of the atreidae
Teucer is not to be believed
Teucer is unimpressive
Teucer is praised for his skill with it
Teucer is tied and note that his cock is as hard as mine feels
Teucer is completely vindicated in his defiance of them
Teucer is no less achillesís cousin than ajax
Teucer is present
Teucer is my name
Teucer is as well achilles' uncle as is he
Teucer is wounded

Nickname Teucer

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