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Googlism comments

Thade is a powerful singer
Thade is the direct descendant of semos
Thade is a brave leader and he is strong
Thade is that he is constantly going ape shit
Thade is one angry ape
Thade is the exact opposite of wahlberg's leo
Thade is famous at this point
Thade is a hero to primates everywhere
Thade is not impressed and orders everyone else to the front
Thade is leo
Thade is obviously more
Thade is his body huddled under the control panel as he cradles the weapon
Thade is an ape general who hates leo
Thade is aangekomen in calima en het gevecht kan beginnen
Thade is betting that davidson's defiant behavior will help tip the balance of popular opinion and persuade even the most soft
Thade is given all the ammunition he needs to unleash his
Thade is one of the brightest scientists and doctors known to the Thade race
Thade is a rude dude
Thade is a ambitious
Thade is a psycho chimp who leads the military and attar is his right hand man
Thade is handsomely armored in black and gold renaissance breastplates; unrequited love has put an edge on his terrible temper
Thade is one of the film's main villains
Thade is the movie's villain
Thade is full of menace
Thade is determined to take down every white human he sees
Thade is called to his father's house as he is near death and wants to speak to Thade
Thade is a direct descendent of simos
Thade is in hot pursuit
Thade is a vinyl 3/4 mask with molded hair
Thade is one bad
Thade is a larger than life character and roth plays him that way
Thade is firing the weapon after being locked in the command centre
Thade is absolutely fautless work
Thade is the essence of the villain
Thade is a murderous chimpanzee who is constantly on the move
Thade is a monster to
Thade is a chimpanzee
Thade is a classic
Thade is a very unsettling character
Thade is baker’s most spectacular achievement and again it is a combination of stunning makeup design coupled with superb acting
Thade is bent on eliminating leo before he can discover how and why this
Thade is suitably over
Thade is in full 'monkey freak out' mode
Thade is strictly one
Thade is realistic
Thade is actually a chimp
Thade is enshrined forever
Thade is to history of humans
Thade is already power
Thade is a scowling
Thade is nothing short of astonishing
Thade is almost loony in its intensity
Thade is so savage that you can practically see the hot mist streaming from his prosthetic chimpanzee nostrils
Thade is just plain annoying with every line snarled and overplayed – in fact the impression is that an ape’s lot is not a happy one
Thade is going to lose
Thade is pleased to see that these humans are remarkably intelligent
Thade is a founding
Thade is a remake of his rob roy villain persona
Thade is definitely the villain of the piece
Thade is a completely unshaded villain who hisses venomously at everyone
Thade is hot on his trail…
Thade is if he’s manifesting king lear
Thade is a perfect
Thade is crafty and vicious but he does have a
Thade is in charge of the army
Thade is a merciless and cunning warrior fully dedicated to the total ape domination of the planet
Thade is said to be a direct
Thade is overthrown and both apes and humans will live together in harmony
Thade is the most fearsome epitome of
Thade is a chimpanzee and acts more aggressive
Thade is going to make me wait until he's ready
Thade is reminiscent of a corrupt emperor from the roman era
Thade is downright scary and terrifying to behold
Thade is a blast
Thade is half nazi
Thade is left to ponder how great it would be to kill all the humans for good
Thade is a scary monster"
Thade is locked in the command module of the oberon
Thade is completely convincing
Thade is the only problem
Thade is presented in full view
Thade is a snarling
Thade is a serial killer
Thade is a malevolent
Thade is a chimp with a major chip on his shoulder about those smelly humans who don't even groom
Thade is cunning and capable of evil
Thade is left alive
Thade is not above springing
Thade is the evil leader of the apes army who knows the truth about the planet
Thade is pure evil
Thade is gloriously malicious as the fascist leader

Nickname Thade

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