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Googlism comments

Trunx is way too busy
Trunx is an elephant
Trunx is really better than yun
Trunx is trying to get a fiery image up there
Trunx is up with that bully while that guys mom who sits next to volma and gigi and says out loud
Trunx is sleeping here
Trunx is cooled by the breeze of your missed slash at him
Trunx is away
Trunx is ranked 34 and has played for 31m in 14 days real name
Trunx is ranked 22 and has played for 2h27m in 30 days
Trunx is ranked number 20 and has played for 1h44m in 356 days real name
Trunx is ranked 265 and has played for 1h6' in 14 days real name
Trunx is ranked 382 and has played for 3h30m in 90 days real name
Trunx is smooshed

Nickname Trunx

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