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Googlism comments

Tsung is a very capable and talented person
Tsung is an old friend of president chen shui
Tsung is still the kid we remember from high
Tsung is responsible for the general administration of the office and for overseeing all of standard & poor's rating activity in japan and korea
Tsung is spirited from the cobalt mines and taken to earth realm as a prisoner
Tsung is banished to the cobalt mines of shokan
Tsung is similar to the tibetan tantric schools with an exception that mi
Tsung is travelling around the forest outside the city stealing the souls of unsuspecting persons as he is trying to regain
Tsung is the creator of the mortal kombat tournaments
Tsung is the one who created that icy elf craft which kinichi loves very much
Tsung is choosen to defend earth realm agaisnt outworld
Tsung is enjoying his freedom greatly
Tsung is a rare well
Tsung is rectangular with inner circular perforation
Tsung is shao kahn's lead sorcerer
Tsung is an associate partner in accenture’s supply chain management service line
Tsung is retired air force security police and ncoic of hostage rescue/counter terrorist teams
Tsung is shao kahn's demon sorcerer
Tsung is running rampant in earth realm killing innocent people and stealing their souls
Tsung is credited with cal's us$45 million profit last year
Tsung is playable too
Tsung is shao kahn's sorcerer
Tsung is native mandarin who lives in troy with his wife and two children
Tsung is credited with restoring the fortunes of china airlines
Tsung is translated as lost track
Tsung is from earth realm
Tsung is beating sub
Tsung is much stronger than he looks
Tsung is widely regarded as unqualified to hold the position and several lawmakers had leveled accusations in the legislature that she was given the post as a
Tsung is preserved in ch'uan t'ang wen
Tsung is an english translation of my
Tsung is never himself
Tsung is fighting for the souls of warriors so that he can open the gate to outworld for his emporer
Tsung is beaten in the last tournament
Tsung is awesome
Tsung is known to have used poetry to test painters on their ability to express with ink and paper the enchanted world created in written
Tsung is also back
Tsung is a fan favorite
Tsung is long gone
Tsung is from his dark master shao kahn was getting ready for another tournament
Tsung is in fact a templar who collects "taxes" from the local storeowners
Tsung is going to
Tsung is not a nice person
Tsung is a professional boxer and is also a pilot of a silver ghost
Tsung is back from the netherrealm
Tsung is the daughter of an air force pilot
Tsung is the island's first woman economy minister
Tsung is a descendant of a family that served as chamberlains to the ch'ing dynasty—those who ruled china from 1644 ad to about 1911
Tsung is not only a woman
Tsung is on his way in a van to pick them up; all they have to do is get out
Tsung is an average sized gas giant
Tsung is the first woman to ever hold this key economic position
Tsung is categorized to be the classical sect in china
Tsung is demanding improved flying qualifications from her 900 pilots
Tsung is reported to have played "domino cards" with his wife
Tsung is to that of hui Tsung
Tsung is mystical and magical
Tsung is good looking
Tsung is actually budo from the never released ninja commandos
Tsung is a figure that no gi
Tsung is played by
Tsung is one of but a
Tsung is plant manager and president
Tsung is altered a little too
Tsung is something wrong? shao khan avoids the question
Tsung is her oldest daughter
Tsung is the medical director of jian
Tsung is macht machts
Tsung is our chairman of the board and president
Tsung is the only character with 10 kards
Tsung is one of the imperial visages on display at the asian art museum
Tsung is a master of the snake and crane styles of kung fu
Tsung is an old man
Tsung is making people try to pronounce or
Tsung is pronounced "dzung
Tsung is hoping to move from the government benches to a legco seat representing hong kong island
Tsung is also standing
Tsung is a fraud
Tsung is finally a playable character"
Tsung is here to fight
Tsung is a powerful evil sorcerer
Tsung is regulating the economy into chaos
Tsung is a painter who usually put his name on every painting that he did
Tsung is tripitaka's original name before he was given his holy mission
Tsung is about to
Tsung is fictional
Tsung is reborn as a human on earth with the help of another
Tsung is a sorcerer whose evil power will reign over earthforever if he leads a powerful prince to victory in a mortal kombat tournament

Nickname Tsung

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