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Googlism comments

Twirls is a book of 45 contradances written by choreographers from
Twirls is so great
Twirls is name of a punishment my high school history teacher made us do if we were causing trouble
Twirls is a "wheel" and thus is neither a "cylindrical fountain" noir a "cone fountain"
Twirls is for the stuff i like
Twirls is a "wheel" and thus is neither a "cylindrical fountain" nor a "cone fountain
Twirls is a “wheel” and thus is neither a “cylindrical fountain” nor a “cone fountain”
Twirls is a "wheel" and thus is neither a "cylindrical fountain" nor a
Twirls is a hint of things to come
Twirls is about the olympic ice skater tonya harding
Twirls is perhaps his best written solo guitar song
Twirls is a legacy from the spanish/mexican heritage of
Twirls is tempered with an enthusiasm for the destruction of
Twirls is discovered
Twirls is nothing short of mesmerizing
Twirls is directly related to how fast you twirl the buzzer
Twirls is disciplined
Twirls is stun gun in his right hand
Twirls is
Twirls is transmitted back
Twirls is best
Twirls is bad news
Twirls is and then runs at teh enemy
Twirls is not on the album because they are considering putting out a cd of songs commissioned by npr
Twirls is all that's needed and then the creative frenzy can begin
Twirls is sabre and smirks at iris* hi mother dearest
Twirls is in his hand so eloquently

Nickname Twirls

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