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Googlism comments

Umair is currently working towards his phd in the computer science department of carnegie mellon university
Umair is a 10 year
Umair is just 12 months
Umair is not a child soldier from south asia
Umair is doing is making it easier to communicate in any language
Umair is
Umair is 4
Umair is offered lift by a car driver who was going to khuzdaar
Umair is a student at iba
Umair is so quiet
Umair is a speechless
Umair is representative of the way in which islam divided the family in mecca
Umair is a bit listless
Umair is extremely proud
Umair is saheeh
Umair is sad'
Umair is banned from the forum cos he was posting deragotory mails and mlam is another one from the same group from sri lanka

Nickname Umair

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