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Googlism comments

Untrue is currently under construction and major
Untrue is currently under construction and major development please come back at a later date
Untrue is a crime
Untrue is a softened version of false
Untrue is demonstrated by the presence of medical experts for plaintiffs at almost every malpractice action
Untrue is directly to say that it is true that she misled the assembly
Untrue is not the case
Untrue is this claim also
Untrue is itself false turing
Untrue is the conviction that market liberalization leads to political liberalization
Untrue is better mit
Untrue is back on the server so we can start
Untrue is it?
Untrue is the claim that dioxin is produced from plastic wraps during microwave cooking
Untrue is mr deakinís claim that the east timorese political elite do not speak fluent "tetun"
Untrue is not important in terms of the insurance company assessing the risk
Untrue is the allegation that the postal service has directed that the black heritage series stamps be destroyed while still available for sale
Untrue is his claim that the commonwealth is not cooperating with the states
Untrue is from mental origin
Untrue is surely the suggestion that the imf staff consists of "third
Untrue is obvious
Untrue is to declare that those people are themselves not quite people
Untrue is the odd claim that the face of confederate leader robert e
Untrue is the claim that women have died after inhaling a free perfume sample that was mailed to them
Untrue is to be false to one's nature
Untrue is merely indulging in an ego trip
Untrue is stronger
Untrue is bad journalism
Untrue is that the outlook now is that national average earnings will not be increasing at anything like 8
Untrue is called the
Untrue is immaterial
Untrue is not satisfiable in
Untrue is seldom content
Untrue is thereby transported to the level of the observing of observations
Untrue is beside the point
Untrue is incomprehensible
Untrue is immense
Untrue is a bit
Untrue is delusion
Untrue is unimaginable
Untrue is going a bit too far
Untrue is more than frustrating
Untrue is the famous legend about the red velvet cake from the waldorf
Untrue is strictly prohibited
Untrue is a pretty strong word
Untrue is obvious from the context since luke and matthew both clearly state that joseph was jesus' father and lineage was always traced through
Untrue is a statement that the un has proposed a federal republic of cyprus should have a president and a prime minister
Untrue is not the point
Untrue is the general misconception that the moms will eat their babies
Untrue is to be deceitful in one's inner self
Untrue is most incidences
Untrue is not so

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