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Googlism comments

Urim is derived from the hebrew for "light"
Urim is a completely nice guy with a
Urim is indistinguishable from
Urim is considered one of the stablest and most successful of younger kibbutzim in the country
Urim is suspicious and hateful towards pretty much everybody except for her partner
Urim is the female mol who can sortakinda see the future
Urim is full of fish
Urim is the city of youthful suen's princely divine powers
Urim is close to park eshkol
Urim is translated "fire"
Urim is the first seed of the material light
Urim is known world
Urim is connected to the hebrew word 'ohr' which means light
Urim is an origin 200 from silicon graphics based on 2 mips r10000 processors
Urim is good
Urim is a veritable cornucopia of paradoxes which ignite the imagination of both scholar and layman
Urim is a veritable cornucopia of paradoxes
Urim is wielded by henri elobert
Urim is a plural word
Urim is found in a few places in the old testament
Urim is
Urim is related to
Urim is out of the best thoroughbred mare that i ever owned & is now broken to saddle & has a lovely quiet
Urim is dead
Urim is assumed to indicate negative
Urim is situated about 30 km west of beer
Urim is the most festive of jewish holidays
Urim is an original and advanced report generator
Urim is like the
Urim is `arr which means to curse
Urim is spelled
Urim is lights; and christ is the light
Urim is with christ; all light is in christ
Urim is a hard rock band from colombia
Urim is almost here and that means it's time to prepare your mishloach manot
Urim is a splendid gift to the jewish people
Urim is shining fire and thummim splendor in the language of the angels
Urim is "lights"
Urim is deshirore and it comes from the word ouranus
Urim is the most festive of the jewish holidays
Urim is in tumin
Urim is put for both Urim and thummim
Urim is the celebration of gd's protection of his people from death by the evil plottings of a man named haman
Urim is made chadash
Urim is known as a time of delicious smells emanating from the kitchen from the baking of the delicious sweets and goodies
Urim is dus een teken van de beloften van de here
Urim is one of the most joyous & fun holidays on the jewish calendar
Urim is about 3
Urim is a place on the mediterranean in israel and it's a retreat for police officials
Urim is another case in which 'ur'
Urim is plural
Urim is an abbreviation for Urim and thummim
Urim is the light
Urim is employed by priests to make decisions for people
Urim is the plural
Urim is a hebrew word meaning "lights
Urim is very remarkable
Urim is the wildest time of the jewish year
Urim is vir die man
Urim is light
Urim is allowed to be used; but not for common men
Urim is translated as doctrine meaning teaching and instruction
Urim is also translated in the vulgate as the word doctrine
Urim is shining fire and thummim splendour in the language of the angels

Nickname Urim

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