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Googlism comments

Vasana is therefore a kind of super
Vasana is repeated several times it becomes a strong passion
Vasana is grand decoration; kantha_
Vasana is gaining popularity very fast and the number of people taking advantage of its various facilities is increasing
Vasana is inherent in the mind
Vasana is neither good nor bad
Vasana is like a subconscious motor that makes you do things you later wish you had not done
Vasana is the latent memory of past experience
Vasana is de echte renunciatie van de wereld
Vasana is
Vasana is a deep
Vasana is desire
Vasana is destroyed and meritorious as well as nonmeritorious karma is rooted out
Vasana is the great love for a certain thing
Vasana is to seek expression in outward
Vasana is a lovely word used innumerable times in the scripture but is almost impossible to translate
Vasana is the seed of mind
Vasana is usually translated as mental conditioning or subtle tendencies
Vasana is but a seed which inevitably grows into a plant and bears appropriate fruit
Vasana is divided into two
Vasana is writing a paper
Vasana is the smallest and northernmost of the brick cities
Vasana is the sammasambuddha the arahanta
Vasana is our savings scheme designed exclusively for women
Vasana is the 'seed'
Vasana is entitled to have a three
Vasana is the sudden seizing of an object without thinking about the past or future owing to deep
Vasana is released from the heart and comes to play
Vasana is to seek expression in outward acts
Vasana is pleasant or painful or of the nature of a
Vasana is developing an assay for phosphorous bioavailability by rainbow trout
Vasana is considered as the root of material life according to some schools of thought
Vasana is the cause of material bondage
Vasana is in a gradual process of dissolving that will take more time
Vasana is gently but firmly rejected
Vasana is symbolized by the consumption of the grilled rice; indeed
Vasana is to perform all actions
Vasana is a chemical reaction of body
Vasana is their respective stability
Vasana is full of experiences that cannot and will not be forgotten or misplaced
Vasana is exclusive and
Vasana is from all previous lifetimes
Vasana is eradicated only when one implicitly obeys a great sadhu
Vasana is the word in sanskrit
Vasana is fried in the fire of knowledge
Vasana is there in the background to guide you
Vasana is very strong within him
Vasana is hrdaya
Vasana is the resultant impression/tendency left in the mind by an action or an experience
Vasana is formed in the mind
Vasana is used for odour also

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