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Googlism comments

Vedra is strategically located less than 20 miles from downtown jacksonville
Vedra is home to world
Vedra is one of the nation's premier locations for golf with courses
Vedra is the proud recipient of golf digest's "top 75 resorts in america" award
Vedra is introducing a new aquatics department featuring both private and group swim instruction
Vedra is the world headquarters of the
Vedra is also headquarters of the
Vedra is just 25 miles north of st
Vedra is earning a reputation as florida's newest upscale playground
Vedra is the world headquarters of the professional golfer's association
Vedra is located on the shores of the atlantic ocean in northeast florida
Vedra is being accepted
Vedra is vicar's landing
Vedra is a suburb of jacksonville
Vedra is an island rising from the sea about 400 meters
Vedra is located in beautiful ponte Vedra beach florida
Vedra is a private
Vedra is more than just a home go
Vedra is a beautiful
Vedra is a plethora of golf and can complete most golfers golfing fantasies
Vedra is host to both professional and amateur tournaments year
Vedra is home to the national headquarters for the pga tour
Vedra is cut off
Vedra is more than a destination
Vedra is a wonderful place for families
Vedra is located in northeast florida and is home to two extravagant four star
Vedra is quite aware of you and your efforts to restore the commonwealth
Vedra is a plethora of golf and can complete most golfers' golfing fantasies
Vedra is home to a major pga tournament and world
Vedra is a biochemistry major and currently started her fourth semester here at the university
Vedra is a
Vedra is the marriott at sawgrass resort
Vedra is a sleepy hollow kind of place
Vedra is home to the pga tour
Vedra is celebrated as much for its gnarled oaks
Vedra is a very secluded 10
Vedra is the ideal
Vedra is home to some of the best golf in the south
Vedra is mentioned
Vedra is the center for tennis and the
Vedra is the center for tennis and the international headquaters of the atp tour
Vedra is what it lost
Vedra is both aware and proud of the work dylan has done to restore the commonwealth
Vedra is a planet of contrasts
Vedra is provided by the city of jacksonville beach utility
Vedra is one of the unspoiled beauties of northeast florida's famed "first coast"
Vedra is located in st
Vedra is a very
Vedra is aware of his efforts
Vedra is aware of what he's been doing
Vedra is possibly one of the finest resorts in the world
Vedra is a sun
Vedra is at the southern part of jacksonville
Vedra is home to 4 major resorts including the new country inn & suites
Vedra is the outside deck
Vedra is very impressive
Vedra is an exceptionally appealing character
Vedra is adembenemend
Vedra is part of the first coast conference
Vedra is conveniently located 10 minutes off of i
Vedra is said to be the bewitched dwelling place of the sirens
Vedra is about 4 hours from my sisters house
Vedra is very aware
Vedra is but a dream
Vedra is open for hunting during early duck season; the interior lakes are not
Vedra is a community of 25
Vedra is
Vedra is determined to live
Vedra is a large island rock
Vedra is highly appealing
Vedra is currently investigating curriculum databases
Vedra is located in north east st
Vedra is headquarters for the tennis atp tour
Vedra is easily one of the most diverse spots in florida
Vedra is sure to be as relaxed or as invigorating as your wishes direct
Vedra is concerned the village's business income will wane
Vedra is looking at development as a focal point in 1997
Vedra is a place where waiting for a table is actually fun
Vedra is located 25 miles south east of jacksonville on the pristine shores of historic ponte Vedra beach
Vedra is located between st
Vedra is open for hunting only during the early duck season and during the first day of each phase and on wednesdays and saturdays of the regular
Vedra is a high point of the year
Vedra is also home to the pga and atp tours
Vedra is for many visitors
Vedra is the capital of the systems commonwealth
Vedra is abruptly cut off from the slipstream

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