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Googlism comments

Vimes is officially retiring
Vimes is living the good life
Vimes is the most human of the characters
Vimes is
Vimes is right
Vimes is the man
Vimes is really hot in this picture
Vimes is now in a position where he can advise the patrician
Vimes is a long established character
Vimes is the discworld avatar of the everyman
Vimes is being sent to negotiate
Vimes is how clarecraft should have done their figure
Vimes is getting to be one of my favourite diskworld characters
Vimes is married to lady sybil ramkin
Vimes is is into the don't
Vimes is the reluctant ambassador trying to keep two sides from waging war over a new island
Vimes is actually holding dishmop down and trying to fill his mouth with fairy liquid
Vimes is quite as *squinty* as clint is
Vimes is undoubtedly nice
Vimes is back
Vimes is a tour de force; not the whole force of course
Vimes is cool and tough
Vimes is a kick ass character
Vimes is ready to give up and drown himself along with his sorrows
Vimes is accompanied on the carriage journey to uberwald by lady sibyl and two members of the city guard
Vimes is asked to participate in the investigation of the theft of a replica of the scone of stone
Vimes is in the city watch
Vimes is sent as a diplomat from ankh
Vimes is basically a died in the wool cop
Vimes is probably rather
Vimes is the central character
Vimes is a wonderful character but in guards guard
Vimes is the mighty slayer of jubilex
Vimes is the only machine with internet access at the moment
Vimes is as content as ever
Vimes is nosy
Vimes is pressed into service as an ambassador to Überwald
Vimes is sent to wild
Vimes is so bloody competent means that it's almost less fun to
Vimes is the commander of the ankh
Vimes is the classic hard
Vimes is about to hang up his badge
Vimes is hunted by the werewolves through a wintry forest in Überwald
Vimes is to become a father
Vimes is not altogether happy with its conclusion
Vimes is still in charge of the expanded watch
Vimes is worried; the dwarfs seem restless
Vimes is retiring
Vimes is sent on a diplomatic mission to uberwald for the coronation of the new king of the dwarfs
Vimes is involved
Vimes is trusted by
Vimes is the same as he always has been
Vimes is appointed ambassador to uberwald
Vimes is a great character
Vimes is somehow a sir in his own right because if it's just by marrage then terry's got it wrong
Vimes is on the run
Vimes is a duke
Vimes is ranked 96 and has played for 40m in 14 days real name
Vimes is leading the men
Vimes is using globalshout lite
Vimes is a copper to the core and a very
Vimes is his chief delight
Vimes is purely metonymical
Vimes is now commander of the watch
Vimes is such a good character though that he leads the narrative on
Vimes is still a drunk and carrot has only just started
Vimes is retiring to be married and a
Vimes is my hero
Vimes is a man on the run
Vimes is da man
Vimes is in
Vimes is having problems at work and at home
Vimes is running through in his mind all the gods he can think of

Nickname Vimes

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