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Googlism comments

Warne is 7th australian to play in 100 test
Warne is back for final test
Warne is the greatest story ever bowled
Warne is australia's highest wicket
Warne is fined
Warne is 7th australian to play in 100 test matches by keshavamurthy c saturday
Warne is currently ninth on the all
Warne is the greatest story ever bowled gideon haigh
Warne is inspiration for kanaria
Warne is the greatest con man the game has known
Warne is coming off an 11
Warne is bowling as well as he ever has
Warne is the greatest conman the game has known
Warne is currently playing for the state side to regain full fitness following surgery on his shoulder and hopes to return to the australian test team before
Warne is a different case because he looks like a wrestler and has a grin at once complacent and mischievous
Warne is installed
Warne is a good game
Warne is the best leg spinner
Warne is about to make history
Warne is not finished
Warne is indignant about the australian team being labelled as the worst sledgers in the world
Warne is impossible to budge
Warne is right
Warne is to be hampshire's new captain after agreeing a two
Warne is great
Warne is recognised as the finest wrist spinner in the world
Warne is widely viewed as being responsible for the rebirth of leg
Warne is in better shape than he has been for several seasons and warmed up for the ashes series with 27 wickets
Warne is playing with australia for years but he should never ever be the captain of the national team
Warne is the complete leg
Warne is the supreme leg
Warne is changing the diet scene again
Warne is keen to continue his record of never having being involved in a losing
Warne is also very impressive
Warne is a big chance to pass the magical 500 mark this summer
Warne is the best thing that's happened to cricket for many
Warne is regarded by many as the best leg spin bowler ever to play cricket
Warne is a certified diabetes educator working at the national institutes of health on the gila river reservation in arizona
Warne is the best spinner report by terry walsh
Warne is within striking distance of the 500 mark
Warne is the change of bowling and is extracting plenty of turn from the wicket
Warne is in doubt for the world cup after he dislocated his shoulder while fielding during australia’s comprehensive 89
Warne is known nationally for his expertise in partnering and total quality management
Warne is a very big factor in the australian plans and
Warne is synonymous with cricket in australia his larrikin behaviour on and off the field have made him one of our most talked about sports stars
Warne is bowling
Warne is not afraid to dish the dirt and he gives a serve to ranatunga
Warne is the real superstar of cricketing world
Warne is frequently contracted by intrawest corporation
Warne is an enigma
Warne is far from
Warne is to return to hampshire next summer as captain after agreeing a two
Warne is also a commonwealth fund/harvard university fellow in minority health policy at hms
Warne is an associate and a member of the firm's intellectual property & technology department and litigation department
Warne is often looked upon by children as a role model and as such
Warne is unable to turn his form around it will be interesting to see how long the australian selectors will continue to back him
Warne is expected to tear through the
Warne is set to replace chris sedgwick once again in the rotherham starting line
Warne is relentless in his pursuit of golf knowledge and has been particularly successful in improving the games of individuals of all levels
Warne is so damned interesting
Warne is injured' staff writer 4/3/02 4
Warne is an exceptional finger spinner
Warne is back
Warne is in the studio putting the finishing touches on her studio cd which will be out in early 2003
Warne is without a doubt a fabulous cricketer
Warne is really a wonderful performer
Warne is turning his back on the working
Warne is an ebullient leg
Warne is still a great bowler
Warne is admonished for having criticized sri lankan captain arjuna ranatunga
Warne is credited for reviving the dying art of leg
Warne is leaning an awful lot upon his wits and his experience
Warne is like the rhino on the 10 rand note
Warne is now expected to miss the rest of the ashes series
Warne is arguably the greatest spinner of all time
Warne is yet to be named in the australian side for india
Warne is in canada producing the platinum artist
Warne is in better shape than he has been for several seasons and warmed up for the ashes series with 27 wickets in australia's 3
Warne is not coming to dhaka for the
Warne is recognised as one of the greatest slow bowlers in the game's history and an inspiration to a generation
Warne is a golf magazine top 100 golf instructor
Warne is the best exponent of the most difficult discipline in the most complex game invented
Warne is currently chopping and changing course
Warne is perhaps australia's most dazzling cricketer
Warne is a great player and leader
Warne is able to pitch two balls in the same place and there be almost 2 metres difference in where they pass the stumps
Warne is the leading commercial property agency in the south west sector of the m25
Warne is the third in her family of six children; and is a faithful member of the presbyterian church
Warne is the bad boy of australian cricket whose career at times has been marked by as much controversy as raw
Warne is stumped by kaluwitharana off m’tharan
Warne is the mozart of spin bowling
Warne is working with the other faculty members at the gsis to initiate such program
Warne is a once
Warne is a 'real' person who isn't concerned with appearances
Warne is chairman
Warne is poised to become the most successful bowler in 120
Warne is the narrator of his own story
Warne is expecting during the series
Warne is a great bowler
Warne is lacking as a
Warne is the inspiration for kanaria multan

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