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Googlism comments

Wryneck is 16 to17 cm long with a wingspan of 25 to 27 cm
Wryneck is a regular migrant to sites in eastern britain
Wryneck is a condition that causes a child to hold her head or neck in a twisted or otherwise abnormal position
Wryneck is also somewhat mysterious
Wryneck is kindea wweird
Wryneck is most numerous in forest
Wryneck is a particular migratory bird
Wryneck is a woodpecker
Wryneck is not a north american bird and the word jynx for it was always a scholarly and uncommon one even in
Wryneck is a bird which
Wryneck is
Wryneck is absent in winter and this family is often at its most confiding and viewable
Wryneck is found in open wooded grassland and is particularly common on the highveld around johannesburg
Wryneck is no stranger to handling live performances
Wryneck is the term used to describe a twisted or turned neck
Wryneck is merely a repetition of what may be syllabled que
Wryneck is still at the obs
Wryneck is common in the thornveld
Wryneck is a stiff neck with pain to one side
Wryneck is one of our rarest breeding birds and almost extinct in southern england
Wryneck is a regular visitor here and on past visits we have encountered little bunting
Wryneck is the largest and most detailed figure in this set
Wryneck is still with us at norton sub hamdon
Wryneck is occasional on passage and woodpeckers are frequent
Wryneck is most often the result of a bacterial infection of the inner ear and is not a true neck problem
Wryneck is some other bird
Wryneck is connected to the symbolism of the wheel
Wryneck is a good record
Wryneck is on the ground
Wryneck is a regular passage migrant to britain appearing between mid april and late may and from mid august to early october
Wryneck is a rare bird here
Wryneck is torsion of the neck caused by the contracted state of cervical muscles; focal dystonia
Wryneck is on skerries and a red
Wryneck is at sumburgh
Wryneck is a gray
Wryneck is easily found in the main camp
Wryneck is scarcely to
Wryneck is the colour
Wryneck is not inclined forward so much as that
Wryneck is clean to the ground
Wryneck is usually the result of a neck muscle being torn during childbirth
Wryneck is at a different level
Wryneck is shruging with authority to whinny to meet against an threat of campground

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