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Googlism comments

Xas is an established technique that exploits the intense and continuous radiation emitted by a bending magnet or a wiggler source on a synchrotron
Xas is obtained using the total photoelectron yield method
Xas is a synchrotron based technique
Xas is installed on alpha/osf1
Xas is a guardian angel as sobran assumes at first or if Xas belongs to quite another hierarchy of angels
Xas is provided on shared beam lines
Xas is for share the art work for other artist as data
Xas is useful for studies of surfaces and interfaces
Xas is uniquely useful in explicating the local environment of metal ions in complex
Xas is sensitive enough to resolve the electronic structure of water molecules in a solvation shell of an ion
Xas is reported to be a resonance peak of p * state
Xas is thus consistently high
Xas is widely used to study the atomic
Xas is usually divided into the extended x
Xas is complementary to nmr and x
Xas is the same as the intermediate state of resonant x
Xas is a guiding principle requiring that we recognize and respect the rights of individuals to determine how materials they've created are
Xas is to preserve
Xas is able to
Xas is het zelfs mogelijk om aan werkende katalysatoren te meten
Xas is a simulator that emulates the alex avx2 computer in considerable detail
Xas is often the only method of determining metal speciation in these systems and a major molecular environmental research programme has made it possible to
Xas is thus collected over the elements of the array in a few milliseconds
Xas is the average of these two recorded spectra
Xas is element specific
Xas is a semiconductor system with very important properties for a variety of commercially
Xas is an element specific probe
Xas is a local process not restricted to material with long range order
Xas is to use a 'dispersive' geometry
Xas is reduced for the lumo+1
Xas is still far from complete
Xas is potentially a very powerful spectroscopic tool for the study of the local electronic and geometric
Xas is based on a messaging architecture and uses xml "wrappers" to send and receive messages and tasks to and from legacy and other applications
Xas is equipped with a
Xas is a powerful tool for accurate characterization of
Xas is one of the best characters i have come across
Xas is a measure for their quantity
Xas is an element
Xas is useful for concentrations from about 10 ppm to major elements
Xas is a useful tool for speciation
Xas is a powerful tool for determining the chemical speciation of mixtures
Xas is used to determine the local chemical environment of a metal on a soil particle surface such as the bond dis
Xas is a powerful probe of
Xas is a powerful
Xas is element
Xas is one of the largest cre dit uni o ns in the coun try with over $1
Xas is known to be control
Xas is an averaging technique in proteins with multiple metal centers
Xas is a worldly sort of being for an angel
Xas is applicable to a wide range of elements
Xas is one of the more important components of the study
Xas is an element selective method which allows study of the local structure of the investigated element even at very low concentrations and regardless of the
Xas is different from a measurement of magnetic circular dichroism
Xas is to use a `dispersive' geometry
Xas is coded not to queue requests
Xas is coded not to queue
Xas is our backya rd " best of teXas backyard habitats application for certification photo co urt esy of ton y m anas e r ri page 2
Xas is conventionally divided into two parts
Xas is comparable to that in the thick 33 ml "lm
Xas is an independent system which notifies the engineer on duty in case of abnormal conditions
Xas is applied to investigate the metal
Xas is a well
Xas is a very useful tool in the study of this phase transition because it maps the unoccupied states of the v 3d band through o 2p
Xas is that it is possible to focus exclusively on the mn
Xas is also a powerful tool for in situ investigations
Xas is dedicated for receiving the high
Xas is already running on host mesioq
Xas is a promising application of this technique specially for ultra
Xas is a local
Xas is his protector
Xas is used for accurate energy calibration

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