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Googlism comments

Xplore is a combination of classical and modern statistical procedures
Xplore is an interactive computational environment for statistics
Xplore is a powerful and highly configurable motif file manager with an eXplorer
Xplore is the world's most user
Xplore is the ieee's electronic library
Xplore is rather poor equipped and designed
Xplore is a powerful motif
Xplore is a subset of the inspec database ieee Xplore is the web equivalent to iel ieee Xplore works best with netscape navigator 4
Xplore is related to the inspec database
Xplore is a powerful tool for ieee members because it has online information like abstracts
Xplore is functional and makes sense
Xplore is closely based on the original arcview/xgobi link
Xplore is a statistical computing environment with a built
Xplore is a cgi program which i wrote in perl as a handy way to learn the perl language
Xplore is going to let you tour a real place right now by clicking
Xplore is a procedural language
Xplore is the gateway that leads engineers to the specific piece of information needed within such an immense mass of data
Xplore is the dynamic online delivery system for ieee technical and scientific information
Xplore is
Xplore is well established with a strong trading history of over 20 years experience in the travel industry
Xplore is a post
Xplore is built using a variety of sas programming tools including the sas/intrnet suite of web tools
Xplore is to run with a secure application server
Xplore is installed
Xplore is an open system which is written in turbo pascal 5
Xplore is the responsibility of the persons involved
Xplore is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the
Xplore is committed to star choice and is excited about this new
Xplore is a professional tool for high
Xplore is easy for both new and experienced searchers to use
Xplore is strictly a
Xplore is ident
Xplore is traded on the toronto stock exchange under the symbol tse
Xplore is the platform for service deployment in the mobile telecommunication market
Xplore is het eigen nieuwskanaal van data testlab
Xplore is a searchable index to all ieee publications from 1988 onward
Xplore is the creation of brian staff
Xplore is about as easy as it gets
Xplore is the online delivery platform which
Xplore is a brand new storage system
Xplore is finished with a matt lacquer that accentuates the natural look of the wood
Xplore is accessible through buddy
Xplore is a database
Xplore is a core collection of electrical engineering and computing journals produced by the
Xplore is a core collection of electrical engineering and computing journals produced by the institute
Xplore is an interactive system for analyzing various
Xplore is now available
Xplore is certainly a good choice
Xplore is a sky chart based calibrator selector
Xplore is now ready for member access
Xplore is a powerful full
Xplore is the separation of the computational part and the user
Xplore is an interactive statistical computing environment
Xplore is a powerful electronic resource for accessing documents in a database of publications from the institute of electrical and electronics engineers
Xplore is arranging a bus from levanger/skogn
Xplore is a public company listed on the canadian venture exchange
Xplore is stored in fields
Xplore is assembleur en leverancier van optima computer systemen
Xplore is available in eight different languages
Xplore is listening "the durability of the system is a key aspect of the platform
Xplore is listed toward the bottom of this menu
Xplore is a public company that trades under the symbol xpl on the toronto stock exchange
Xplore is available for most platforms
Xplore is > gpl'd and very good
Xplore is gpl'd and very good
Xplore is another statistical programming language
Xplore is the newest addition to the growing list of online journal collections to be added to the purdue university libraries
Xplore is the beginning of mutually beneficial
Xplore is an online database to all institute of electrical and electronic engineers society published information since 1998 and can be viewed as a
Xplore is a collection of 500 of the "most interesting
Xplore is a powerful tool for computational statistics
Xplore is refreshing every week you pick it up and
Xplore is a full statistical package that has been extended with features useful in the linked arcview/xgobi/
Xplore is the philosopher's stone in computational statistics
Xplore is a full text database which provides nearly one third of the world's current literature in electrical engineering
Xplore is the premier solution for the statistical exploration and analysis of data
Xplore is yet another x11/motif
Xplore is an innovative guide to the internet with a collection of 500 of the most interesting

Nickname Xplore

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