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Googlism comments

Yadin is a native of new york and a member of both the new york and israel bars
Yadin is the assistant director of capital camps and chair of shomrei adamah of greater washington
Yadin is skeptical
Yadin is an eminently
Yadin is planned for the summer of 2002
Yadin is also the author of books on the masada and hazor archaeological projects
Yadin is a different concept
Yadin is most interested in the bottom register of side a and the second register from the bottom on side b
Yadin is fluent in english and hebrew
Yadin is not without reasons to contradict josephuss description of the defenders of masada
Yadin is only one text that may or may not have been canonical for the
Yadin is most famous for his actual archaeological fieldwork
Yadin is a nathan cummings jewish en
Yadin is
Yadin is made of wool from a medium
Yadin is said to have made the comment that in over 50 years of archaeological research he had not seen
Yadin is the son of eleazer lupa sukenik
Yadin is still a very good choice

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