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Googlism comments

Yasuyo is a very adventurous person
Yasuyo is distressed when
Yasuyo is brokenhearted
Yasuyo is eagerly ask takehito about the history of the family
Yasuyo is on the left and manami on the right
Yasuyo is a fashion designer and you could say the dress is "one of a kind
Yasuyo is sent by a vision of lady doji to train under kozue
Yasuyo is nice
Yasuyo is leaving the crane clan
Yasuyo is with us in canada for two months
Yasuyo is staying with us for a while
Yasuyo is not as great a peep as kurohito is but she still is a 3/4 for 8 w/ 3 ph
Yasuyo is a good friend of mine from high school
Yasuyo is a divine exception
Yasuyo is learning portuguese with me
Yasuyo is also quite stunning

Nickname Yasuyo

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