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Googlism comments

agar is often very cheap at asian markets
agar is sort of like gelatin but it is made from seaweed instead and is stronger and firmer
agar is a compound in its own right
agar is derived from the gelidium species of red sea vegetables
agar is another colloidal agent used for thickening
agar is a hydrophilic colloid extracted from certain marine algae of the class rhodophyceae
agar is a high gel strength agar specially prepared for use as a solidifying agent for plant tissue culture media
agar is derived from gracilaria
agar is considered to be superior to lesser grade agar
agar is specially prepared for the preparation of culture media
agar is a high performance
agar is a cell wall polysaccharide
agar is carried out
agar is a soft drink that contains natural agaro
agar is first confirmed to have been marketed as a commercial product around the year 1665 by tarozaemon minoya
agar is constantly subjected to stringent quality testing to ensure its physical compatibility in culture media and to test against many organisms
agar is seaweed
agar is a dried hydrophilic
agar is removed
agar is a polysaccharide found in the cell walls of some red algae and is unusual in containing sulfated galactose monomers
agar is derived from a malaysian word "agar
agar is in bacteriological and fungal culture work
agar is the most potent gel
agar is derived from seaweed of the class rhodophyceae
agar is a granular agar which is purified for removal of unwanted salts and other substances that could interfere with microbial growth
agar is indigestible by practically all bacteria
agar is a gelling by
agar is the dried hydrophilic
agar is extracted from gelidium and used for its gelling properties in a wide variety of products
agar is a unique combination of two enzyme substrates
agar is presented as a shell global solution provider
agar is truly a simple task
agar is a gelatin substance refined from certain species of seaweed
agar is better source of nutrition for the bacteria than the the other two
agar is luria
agar is somewhat like jello
agar is a colloidal substance
agar is a gelatinous substance prepared from gelidium corneum
agar is melted
agar is still molten
agar is used to gel bacteriological broths
agar is assured by the short exposure of heat
agar is no longer based in manchester
agar is sufficient
agar is een geleermiddel gemaakt van een bepaald soort rode zeewier dat gebruikt wordt als alternatief voor het uit dierlijke botten en huiden gewonnen
agar is made as follows
agar is a system i built as part of my sm degree work at the media lab
agar is derived from marine algae
agar is an important ingredient used as a solidifying agent in microbiological media
agar is a gelling agent made from a combination of algaes from the species gelidium
agar is a seaweed with the ability to thicken or gel liquids once cooled
agar is a food for different bacteria and microorganisms
agar is most often used for tissue culture and malt
agar is quite narrow
agar is extracted from 30 species of red algae and has found hundreds of uses in the modern world
agar is added per 100ml of nutrient media prior to sterilisation
agar is a selective medium for the isolation and identification of pseudomonas aeruginosa
agar is extracted from two main species of marine red algae
agar is dissolved
agar is reproduced on "page 2" and may be a good starting point
agar is added the the omnitray?
agar is an acceptable media for the detection and enumeration of yeasts and molds as indicated in the united states pharmacopoeia
agar is time consuming because of the time it takes to make these relatively large volumes of the four different agars
agar is damaged
agar is one of the most widely used media in microbiology
agar is creepy
agar is a medium for the determination of total bacterial count in water
agar is classified as a hydrophilic
agar is an all
agar is soft
agar is chocolate tellurite
agar is a widely
agar is both a selective and differential growth medium
agar is
agar is added to 1
agar is prepared as a 3%
agar is available as a coating on two of our dipslides
agar is a very high
agar is poured in to the flask and the flask is filled to 400 ml with water
agar is also a good medicine for constipation and diarrhea
agar is heavier than water
agar is a sporty
agar is a highly refined version of agar from selected seaweeds that has been developed recently in our factory in burgos
agar is extracted
agar is a protein that is used in cooking and can be purchased at a health food store
agar is pronounced awger
agar is same as above but with 15g agar per liter; m9 top agar is same as above but with 7 g agar per liter
agar is utilized around the world in bacteriological culture media as the only gelling agent of choice
agar is a knowledge based advisory group that addresses antimicrobial susceptibility testing and reporting in canada to enable quality data to support
agar is used since it is one of the most forgiving media available
agar is the most common medium used for sensitivity testing
agar is a patrol k
agar is used for the selective isolation and enumeration of coagulase

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