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Googlism comments

alif is for apple
alif is for asad; animal names
alif is pronounced
alif is for asad educational
alif is for asad
alif is all thou dost need
alif is proof positive of the worldly nature of tekbilek's musical talents
alif is a song of supreme and unwavering love of all creation
alif is only in this state; the arabic alif never takes a vowel and is always preceded by a fathah
alif is the first letter of the arabic alphabet
alif is
alif is accomplished depends largely on the surgeon's preference and experience
alif is not written specifically when there is a hamzah for the last letter of the word and an alif immediately preceding it
alif is two vowel counts
alif is never joinen to the next letter
alif is a company that believes in doing everything right the first time
alif is both a school and a popular social space for local students
alif is merely a sign to show the reader that the alif is not pronounced as
alif is present in the graphic form of the ‘original’ of q6
alif is present in the ‘original’ of q16
alif is an affiliate of the american language center in fez and has established itself as the pre
alif is to be a world class telecommunications company offering many high quality products and services
alif is proud of providing telecommunication products that are in
alif is proof positive of the worldly nature of his musical talents
alif is a refereed multilingual journal appearing annually in the spring
alif is right beside the main bull ring
alif is devoted to
alif is a refereed
alif is available at the auc bookstore for le 15
alif is sung entirely in foreign tongues
alif is not a vowel
alif is for allah lyrics yusuf islam
alif is in the ‘original’ of q7
alif is for allah
alif is located in a tranquil residential neighborhood within easy walking distance of downtown
alif is in 1983 opgericht onder aupiciën van het american language center
alif is to have arabic offered in high schools in the same manner that spanish
alif is offering four star education fund scholarships this year
alif is strongly vocation
alif is written as a separate letter as a separate letter like this
alif is used not only as a place
alif is marked by a red dot on top of it
alif is the most troublesome
alif is taken as the module of every arabic calligraphic system; this choice and method are due to religious and mystical concepts
alif is a satirical allegory based in a government run brothel in the fictitious nation of alif
alif is embarrassed to have such a much more liberal neighbour
alif is as a short vertical stroke
alif is abnormally elongated in some words but is of normal length in others
alif is different than
alif is a three
alif is shortened
alif is a very common occurrence
alif is almost always written in copies of the qur'an
alif is a popular program of visual literacy
alif is the first letter of the arabic
alif is one letter
alif is written as well as a vowel mark with hamza
alif is a three piece that is composed of players that switch to all three instruments and all sing
alif is retained if needed
alif is a three piece jam oriented sound explosion
alif is often written on top of a letter instead of afterit

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