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Googlism comments

ameer is that of wartime
ameer is not only necessary for the mujahid
ameer is final
ameer is a young emcee from berkeley
ameer is obviously intent on hitting the listener over the head with the points he's trying to make
ameer is a proud
ameer is post doctoral research fellow in the department of anthropology
ameer is a fine addition and will be a valuable contributor to our program
ameer is to make his own arrangements for receiving the money the british treasuries and conveying it through his own country
ameer is received
ameer is still looking into this
ameer is handling the budget for poster session expenses
ameer is weaving hand to people at "tahaffuz
ameer is addressing a press conference in islamabad
ameer is a rat
ameer is that boys are employed as news writers
ameer is presently top five on the leading black sires list and is qualified as blue list
ameer is
ameer is responsible for
ameer is chained at the wrists and threatened with torture
ameer is the former leader of the harkonens
ameer is bound to solicit the advice of his associates but the final decision rests in his hands rather
ameer is more intense than simple aamir
ameer is a nice pub to visit
ameer is an assistant professor of education at simmons college
ameer is a straight egyptian "al khamsa" bred stallion
ameer is a genius
ameer is one too
ameer is conformational correct
ameer is currently trying to develop partnerships by linking ptolomy reid centre with local industries and manufacturers as well as the university of
ameer is he who goes to the door of faqeer
ameer is from sri lanka
ameer is the very essence of islamic social and political system
ameer is to take important decisions in consultation with a shurah
ameer is this the same xxx thats on your mb too
ameer is gearing up for another feature race assault
ameer is a flaming homosexual
ameer is posting more than you guys
ameer is drumming
ameer is one of my closest real
ameer is this man
ameer is apparently offering sarah his leg quarter
ameer is a close mirror image of his legendary sire
ameer is possessed by frustrated outrage and so his grievances are not so much rapped as screamed
ameer is a genius ordinary
ameer is a kid who the entire forum knows is high
ameer is the mod of that forum
ameer is a part
ameer is a khalid el
ameer is now angry from this sincere ahmadi
ameer is the chief executive of this organisation
ameer is a peshawar
ameer is obligatory no matter what he commands
ameer is a shepherd over the people and shall be questioned about his subjects
ameer is one of the leading companies in the export of egyptian marble
ameer is not known
ameer is clever he would give the clipping where the english lady is coaching the villagers for
ameer is a really good player on the inside for us
ameer is a sophomore at howard majoring in nutrition
ameer is providing a residence for the haddah mullah near the indian frontier
ameer is only responsible for his local area
ameer is located away from the battlefront
ameer is a visiting fellow who specialises in economic development and political economy of the muslim world
ameer is a person who is consulted
ameer is not selected the shai'tan becomes your ameer
ameer is the guardian” narrated by ibn hebban and reported by imam ibn hanbal
ameer is sunnat and mustahab
ameer is only about 10 minutes away from it
ameer is being closely watched for calling his country a banana republic
ameer is questionable both by the common public
ameer is collecting data on the effect of grapefruit juice and analyzing what citrus flavonoids are
ameer is planning to zonk the jefferson memorial with an over
ameer is highly recommended but i¡¯ve never seen him make anything yet
ameer is good

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