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Googlism comments

anata is the most formal generic way to say "you
anata is the most polite with omae and anta ranking as the least polite
anata is mabut it's a lot more common to see it
anata is on the municipal border
anata is near from
anata is trusted by
anata is located in tabriz
anata is a family owned business located in tabriz
anata is considered by the palestinian people as an historical site
anata is actually a short form for something we grew tired of already in
anata is informal
anata is within the jerusalem municipal borders and other
anata is a death metal band that was formed
anata is all about
anata is usually fairly general in tone
anata is used for
anata is the perfect bridge between explosive american death metal and bloody european thrash
anata is the future of intense
anata is
anata is used in a very limited way
anata is not on the handover map approved by the israeli cabinet on sunday
anata is actively
anata is actively working
anata is the egypto
anata is used
anata is there to meet your needs
anata is one of most leading garments manufacturers in malaysia since 1977
anata is their ability to mix these styles seamlessly
anata is polite and generally used for any occasion
anata is now known as
anata is an abbreviation for 'analogue and digital'
anata is kind of rude
anata is the only safe formal word for "you
anata is also known as
anata is free to expand to the east and south
anata is best described as a combination of us and swedish death metal
anata is a song by inoue kikuko
anata is not contiguous with the municipal borders of jerusalem and that
anata is the next most familiar
anata is door gyinth zanjo uitgenodigd voor een feest bij evenyo gibboxa groempf maakt een afspraak met anata
anata is transferred to mr
anata is part of the new withdrawal map
anata is a valley that's even less than 270 meters wide
anata is te grof om te gebruiken
anata is the biblical anatot
anata is old
anata is compul
anata is certainly a
anata is considered to be too close to the fringes of jerusalem to be included in the 6
anata is generally used when speaking with social inferiors
anata is a place where a newspaper is published every couple months written and published by a bunch of teenagers
anata is one of the surest signs of a clumsy foreign speaker
anata is one of the secretariat
anata is used twice
anata is the topic of the sentence
anata is happy and gentle
anata is just too close to jerusalem
anata is defended by barak

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