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Googlism comments

angron is a daemon primarch of khorne and possesses the same daemonic immunities
angron is standing near zanzamar
angron is now a hulking
angron is a khorne follower after all
angron is right on target
angron is their primarch
angron is a whole other story
angron is the god of the forge
angron is right on the target
angron is great for this since he can do it twice without cards
angron is a large man so when he knelt beside me to ask if i was alright
angron is planning to extract the information in commander
angron is cast back into the warp by remaining grey knights which number less than a dozen
angron is sitting near avaria
angron is incomplete and there is much that is not known
angron is a half
angron is one of
angron is counted as a greater deamon for deamon vulnerabilities and immunities
angron is the best now

Nickname angron

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