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Googlism comments

asimo is the world's first humanoid robot to exhibit such a broad range of intelligent capabilities
asimo is
asimo is what's called a "humanoid" robot
asimo is more advanced than p3 in the following three aspects
asimo is 120cm in height and weighs 43kg
asimo is a two
asimo is an abbreviation for "advanced step in innovative mobility"; revolutionary mobility progressing into a new era
asimo is really a child dressed up in a robot's costume
asimo is now more humanlike than ever
asimo is a powerful and revolutionary design effort put into motion
asimo is shaped like a human being and walks like one too
asimo is the first robot to ring the nyse bell
asimo is a human type robot that has made full use of the latest technology that japan is globally proud of and is aimed at living together with humans
asimo is a human
asimo is so special is because he can walk on two legs just like a person
asimo is a control system built according to the latest standards of technology
asimo is a symbol of honda's advanced technology
asimo is able to walk on two legs using a 3
asimo is just the right height to look into a seated adult's eyes or to work at a desk or bench designed for humans
asimo is the most advanced humanoid robot in history
asimo is three times lighter than its predecessor
asimo is de meest moderne humanoďde robot ter wereld en het resultaat van jarenlange ontwikkelingswerkzaamheden door honda verricht in het kader van
asimo is used in demonstration settings
asimo is twice the size of sdr
asimo is also still used primarily for entertainment; asimo's creators hope that it will some day be a useful household
asimo is the world
asimo is one of the two hottest robots at robodex 2002
asimo is a life
asimo is shorter than honda's earlier 71
asimo is much smaller and lighter than previous prototypes and can walk in a much more natural manner
asimo is a humanoid robot
asimo is a powerpc processor
asimo is a milestone in robotics
asimo is four feet tall
asimo is zo geprogrammeerd dat het kan 'leren' van zijn eigenaar
asimo is in staat om zelfstandig van een trap af te lopen
asimo is also still used primarily for entertainment
asimo is word
asimo is not yet a practical servant for society
asimo is wow
asimo is smaller and lighter than the previous 5 foot
asimo is the result of 15 years of research
asimo is not yet available for purchase
asimo is just the latest in a long line of showy prototypes
asimo is the only
asimo is 120cm
asimo is able to create walking patterns based on real time and make the necessary adjustments as it moves
asimo is a humanoid
asimo is not for sale
asimo is less terminator and more robby the robot
asimo is very observed even from the general people
asimo is probably the most
asimo is significantly smaller than hondaŐs earlier humanoid robots
asimo is the first non
asimo is currently leased to companies for y20 million per year
asimo is shorter than honda's earlier 180
asimo is only available for high
asimo is honda's latest bipedal robot
asimo is not for sale yet
asimo is a boy
asimo is designed to mimic human movement as much as possible
asimo is shown in close range as he walks asimo
asimo is still not available for purchase
asimo is a robot that speaks japanese
asimo is is better designed for work
asimo is expected to show demonstration for "standing still on one leg
asimo is being offered for rental in japan this year for the princely sum of 20 million
asimo is een mannetje van ruim een meter dat niet veel meer kan dan lopen en een voorzichtig dansje maken
asimo is 120 cm
asimo is the forerunner
asimo is very very cool
asimo is honda's first shot at a truely industrial/commercial robot
asimo is the latest development from 14 years of robotic design at honda motor co
asimo is a four
asimo is more practical and can be customised according to wider range of user requirements
asimo is an upright walking robot that is available via “lease” from honda
asimo is that while it can climb stairs quite well it does not respond all that well to external forces adjusting its center of mass

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