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Googlism comments

azhar is unwanted?
azhar is like jaya
azhar is still a great cricketer
azhar is unwanted? author
azhar is a match fixer?
azhar is still a great cricketer by charu c sharma 27 june
azhar is still out
azhar is he really a good player or a crook that c
azhar is at such a low point that privately he contemplates resigning from the captaincy
azhar is hardly ready to
azhar is a good team man now'
azhar is not a kid that i can force him to do anything i want him to do
azhar is not much of a swinger but rather employs the seam to bowl off and leg cutters
azhar is finished anyway
azhar is going through a bad patch with the bat
azhar is easy
azhar is opened for all muslem students who wish to study a particular academic displine or to further and deepen their knowledge of
azhar is a momentous mosque
azhar is that spiritual haven
azhar is the sole authority to which the ministry of culture must
azhar is not recognized
azhar is a man true to his roots
azhar is a very aggressive player
azhar is the foremost center of theology in islam and the oldest continuously practicing university in the world
azhar is deemed too old at 36 but dighe makes his debut aged 31
azhar is the only member of the team who played in the semi
azhar is known to be a fiery orator who has been supported by various dreaded terrorist outfits like harkat
azhar is determined that his boys should first cross that psychological hurdle this time
azhar is no ordinary terrorist
azhar is made the captain just for his seniority
azhar is a good batsman no doubt
azhar is the foremost center of theology in islam and the
azhar is a non
azhar is empowered by law to impose censorship on literary
azhar is no stranger to attempts at reconciliation between shi'ites and sunnis
azhar is opened for all muslim
azhar is the vice president of engineering and chief executive officer at softweb corporation in the silicon valley
azhar is now accused of masterminding the je
azhar is now accused of masterminding the jem's dec
azhar is today the most important religious university in the muslim world
azhar is not just about preserving the place
azhar is to collaborate with artist robin sperling for a series of installations commissioned by the ludwig
azhar is an experienced architect with broad range of exposure to public and private projects
azhar is no longer part of the indian cricket team
azhar is firm in his decision and he does not want to change it
azhar is assuring every one of khurshid mahmood kasuri
azhar is an all
azhar is a class act to watch on the field
azhar is bent on losing a match
azhar is a guinea pig ??he was aimed by sangeeta and poor guy fell in her claws
azhar is a recent addition to the pakistan national side
azhar is
azhar is playing may turn out to be a loser's hand
azhar is fading away
azhar is one of convenience and necessarily temporary
azhar is not anti
azhar is responsible for the energy and utilities sector
azhar is not sacred in the manner of the holy places in saudi arabia
azhar is very sorry and upset over what is generally happening in the world
azhar is involved in match
azhar is today the most important religious university in the muslim world with as many as 90
azhar is the oldest university in the world
azhar is a proficient bowler so it stands to reason that his role model is australia's shane warne
azhar is engraved in the history of the 1919 revolution
azhar is still under treatment for a shoulder injury
azhar is no exception to the rule
azhar is a resident of bhawalpur in the pakistan province in punjab
azhar is also well versed in systems and database developments
azhar is busy taking over the leadership of the
azhar is the grand scientific islamic institute in charge of preserving
azhar is the saint of indian cricket
azhar is often criticised for his inconsistentcy
azhar is wrong
azhar is located south
azhar is an example
azhar is there
azhar is an ?islamic cleric? only in the sense that sheikh omar abdel rehman of the world trade center bombing notoriety was also said to be one
azhar is in jail in pakistan now
azhar is a muslim and since sharjah is supposed to be the safe
azhar is imprisoned in its ideas
azhar is a ymca qualified fitness instructor
azhar is a man of expensive tastes
azhar is a religious organisation
azhar is the only captain who can lead a team and win matches ofcourse few of the few matches were lost but not due to him
azhar is against all kinds of terrorism
azhar is a genuine allrounder in both forms of cricket
azhar is god
azhar is saved? shastri
azhar is a friend of mine
azhar is one of the main authorities in sunnī islām today
azhar is the religious leader of the sunnits

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