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Googlism comments

bakka is a werebat that has died and then returned as a vampire
bakka is the middle english for bat; from the old norse nattabakka
bakka is also the name given to bats in the in middle english
bakka is 4825
bakka is 1109 u
bakka is the best science fiction bookstore in toronto and is apparently one of the oldest in north america
bakka is one of
bakka is glad day
bakka is the world's oldest
bakka is back
bakka is at 598 yonge st
bakka is a valley without cultivation
bakka is a valley
bakka is one of the authors of the civic education course curriculum and teaching materials for grades 9
bakka is one of the names of makkah
bakka is the senior furniture conservator for the society for the preservation of new england antiquities
bakka is printed as #527
bakka is printed as #535
bakka is a specialty store focussing on new books
bakka is one of the names of makkah and is well known’
bakka is now closed and they do not intend to reopen
bakka is one of the names of makkah and is well known'
bakka is a scince fiction/fantasy book store
bakka is the place of the house
bakka is mentioned by
bakka is seen as a
bakka is fully informed of these transmissions when the matter is resolved here
bakka is that
bakka is evil
bakka is 84
bakka is

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