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Googlism comments

big5 is not an
big5 is not a
big5 is a rather complex process and can only be badly achieved in a one
big5 is similar
big5 is used in taiwan and hong kong and has about 13
big5 is still used in taiwan
big5 is in 2nd place
big5 is correct unless lang=zh_tw
big5 is not a real standard
big5 is the correct choice for the readers of "chinese articles from hku"
big5 is the de facto coding standard in taiwan
big5 is not easy
big5 is a two
big5 is recommended for china the beautiful
big5 is a chinese coding scheme which is based on the traditional chinese character set and commonly used in taiwan and hong kong
big5 is commonly used
big5 is not straightforward
big5 is not free software bug reassigned from package `chinese
big5 is still there
big5 is used in taiwan
big5 is good for hk people and taiwanese but gb is only good for people from china
big5 is the only major cjk encoding not endorsed by the government
big5 is merely its > encoding; it can be declared in pod like
big5 is the input or output
big5 is one of the few that is more or less standardized; but i bet that
big5 is that /etc/gtk/gtkrc
big5 is the de
big5 is a usenet newsgroup dedicated to discussions in and of chinese text
big5 is needed
big5 is the official standard in taiwan and an unofficial standard in other places where traditional characters are used
big5 is not supported yet in 6
big5 is the most common used scheme for traditional chinese encoding
big5 is commonly used in both taiwan and hong kong
big5 is zeer te spreken over de overerving
big5 is a popular coding scheme for the traditional chinese characters used in taiwan and hong kong
big5 is an character encoding method for the chinese language of unknown origin
big5 is a standard in the chinese world
big5 is a way to put chinese character text on the web
big5 is called ie3lpktw
big5 is the preferred encoding for new submissions
big5 is less complete than that in pinyin
big5 is supported only under x
big5 is registered too
big5 is more valuable then nat
big5 is not registered by x consortium and cannot be used as standard in font name and compound text
big5 is in the big5
big5 is a private modification of
big5 is designated
big5 is the computer standard of taiwan's traditional chinese
big5 is variable
big5 is "not used
big5 is "not used anywhere in the world"
big5 is fine > after
big5 is fine > > after
big5 is the chinese character set and encoding used extensively in hong kong and taiwan
big5 is not the national standard
big5 is because 5 companies helped in the development of it
big5 is to switch to
big5 is for viewing traditional characters while gb is for viewing simplified characters
big5 is the encoding of old version of chinese that are still
big5 is now supported
big5 is commonly used in taiwan
big5 is considered more valuable then a nat
big5 is the multibyte encoding standardised by taiwan
big5 is een allround ict
big5 is the encoding method used for traditional chinese characters and is widely adopted in taiwan and hong kong
big5 is a de facto national standard
big5 is not supported
big5 is the de facto standard in hong kong and taiwan of china
big5 is used
big5 is an example of a rather messy encoding
big5 is not trivial
big5 is a mixed seven and eight bit coding
big5 is a 15

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