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Googlism comments

blanky is an odd sort of book when you think about it
blanky is 14x14 inches with a different material on each side with 20 ribbons to explore around the edges
blanky is hand made in luxury fabric to provide the ultimate in softness and comfort
blanky is her first picture book
blanky is handmade in fleece and edged with satin to provide the ultimate in softness and comfort
blanky is safe and becomes a great comforter
blanky is trusted by
blanky is a three dimensional extrapolation of threads
blanky is gone
blanky is really neat
blanky is a warm and funny story about the almost addictive and very sensual relationship a child can have with a blanky
blanky is a socially acceptable word
blanky is washed
blanky is the solution
blanky is my blanky; no nose pulling
blanky is considering a partnership with the french agri
blanky is gone forever just so you can be the hero later and produce it out from under your chair
blanky is coming home
blanky is waiting here with me
blanky is stolen by one huxley
blanky is said to have the shits
blanky is firmly clutched in one hand
blanky is very similar to the attachment of the caregiver
blanky is safe at home
blanky is now given worldwide credit for being on there
blanky is soft and you like to put it right near your face when you are tired
blanky is 10 years old
blanky is on my head right now
blanky is perfectly reasonable
blanky is missing
blanky is still in touch with him apparently
blanky is finished
blanky is my best friend
blanky is all folded up at the foot of it
blanky is now known as
blanky is only 45

Nickname blanky

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