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Googlism comments

catgut is also used for stringing tennis rackets and for some surgical sutures
catgut is a uniform
catgut is not widely used in europe anymore by surgeons due to the fact that synthetical suture material is available
catgut is a material derived from the intestines of either sheep or cows and has been used as an absorbable suture material for over a century
catgut is an acceptable alternative
catgut is made from the guts of sheep or cattle
catgut is exclusively produced from purified ribbon of animal intestines
catgut is mostly black with orange legs
catgut is treated with chromic acid for different periods during manufacture
catgut is gradually absorbed and can be used in deeper layers where not too much strength is required
catgut is from something ridiculous like a sheep or something
catgut is coming back to the field now
catgut is sufficiently high so that it's profitable for citizens to trap cats and sell them to racquet manufacturers
catgut is 3
catgut is the oldest suture material known and is made from the submucosa of sheep intestines
catgut is applied to the pedicle at this level
catgut is a strong cord made from the intestine's of pigs
catgut is prepared from the submucous coat of sheep or cow intestine
catgut is not from a cat
catgut is also used for artificial limbs and in small machines like typewriters and clocks
catgut is embedded at certain acupuncture points along the path of the meridian
catgut is reported to cause an inflammatory response in the tissues
catgut is placed through the dartos fascia to fix the tubing in place
catgut is preferred
catgut is used in stringing tennis and badminton rackets
catgut is a common episiotomy suture that lasts about 2
catgut is old tennis rackets
catgut is made from cats' stomachs
catgut is made from cats? stomachs
catgut is merely the remnant of a bad joke about beginner fiddlers
catgut is not made of cat gut
catgut is good
catgut is a type of surgical thread made from the intestines of cows or sheep
catgut is not really what its name implies
catgut is made from sheep and horses
catgut is visible over
catgut is not the gut of cats
catgut is made from the intestines of cattle and sheep
catgut is strained
catgut is a misnomer
catgut is forthcoming from salmon publishing in ireland
catgut is a material used for the strings of musical instruments and for surgical sutures
catgut is almost never used anymore
catgut is looped twice around the needle holder
catgut is not made from cats
catgut is animal based and us catgut is plant based
catgut is a new acronym which means "chaotics are terrorist
catgut is sufficient
catgut is set to spread generous love
catgut is advertised or sold as such
catgut is too much under the influence of heat and moisture to prove at all times of a proper tension
catgut is not recommended in rabbits
catgut is far too expensive and this leads to additional problems with respect
catgut is also stretched across the hoop to be right under the hide
catgut is a traditional material basically composed of heterologe collagen
catgut is classified as a "registered device" by the therapeutic goods administration in canberra
catgut is essentially formed of the collagenous tissues of the gut wall
catgut is manufactured from bovine serosal tissue
catgut is posturing sardonically
catgut is not the suture of choice in reptiles
catgut is absorbed in from two to eight days
catgut is preferred for ligatures
catgut is sourced from
catgut is corruption from "cattlegut"
catgut is larger than 4
catgut is murder" t
catgut is also used for hanging clock weights and for sutures in surgery
catgut is obtained from animal
catgut is available
catgut is made from the intestines of sheep
catgut is twisted and tied
catgut is used as a kind of scaffolding to which snippets of the cancer patientís own cells are attached
catgut is placed through the free border of the platysma at the level of the cricoid notch
catgut is really sheep intestine
catgut is the dried and twisted intestines of sheep or horses used for making the strings of musical instruments and tennis rackets and for sutures in

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