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Googlism comments

chantey is a work song that was sung aboard whaling ships and other vessels by sailors as they performed their often tedious
chantey is the simplest form and probably the immediate successor to singing out
chantey is the capstan
chantey is an undiscovered treasure
chantey is the daughter of lulu
chantey is the proud mama of baby meenah
chantey is coming soon
chantey is kind of
chantey is a revelation
chantey is also sometimes called "a runaway song" since it sets the pace for a crew to run a length of rope from one end of the deck to the
chantey is an extremely
chantey is reproduced at the end and keyed to an
chantey is sung in rhythm with their hauling
chantey is a song sung by sailors in rhythm to work—hearing these songs ring through the whaling museum is like hearing the echoes of the voices of island
chantey is worth 10 men on the line
chantey is a beautiful boat built at the gdansk ship yard in 1972 for henry head esq
chantey is usually a verse containing one or two "call and response" lines
chantey is a solidly written programmatic piece descriptive of a seafaring journey
chantey is arranged for audience participation and a visit by a friendly pirate
chantey is a bunch of unrelated short stories
chantey is sung in four parts
chantey is
chantey is captured in this american folksong arranged for younger orchestras
chantey is quite popular for contests and festivals
chantey is in the james m
chantey is of indeterminate age and
chantey is "the wreck of the edmund fitzgerald
chantey is the most important person to me anyways
chantey is also a type of dirge
chantey is in richard henry dana's two years before the mast
chantey is a work song that the sailors sing to help them pass the time quickly
chantey is included
chantey is offered

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