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Googlism comments

chump is based on an original idea by bijan parsia
chump is an irc bot that listens for urls at the beginning of a line in public conversation
chump is fairly good a little diffrent from other books
chump is the future of filmed entertainment
chump is running on a verboten pipe
chump is very much something else
chump is back with breathe
chump is a language i created to describe line assemblers and disassembles in one description
chump is a language i created to describe line assemblers and dissassemblers in one description
chump is 'u'
chump is 'u
chump is a rock 'n' roll band based in charleston
chump is rated
chump is?
chump is the now the proud father of yet another demo tape
chump is about a boy named oscar who is having trouble living with his younger brother robert
chump is the tool used to manage the rdf interest group irc scratchpad
chump is an irc bot which allows you to create a collaborative weblog from irc chat
chump is available
chump is an irc bot
chump is not designed for use in uri
chump is connected to because
chump is connected to the following things
chump is used mostly for chops or
chump is a great place to vist for entertainment
chump is pre
chump is there on rdfig
chump is what you've got to consider adam sandler for ever consenting to star in "punch drunk love"
chump is a four piece power/pop/punk/emo band from sterling heights
chump is from the original idea by bijan parsia @ monkeyfist
chump is a table
chump is the channel slave posted by psychephylax at 2001
chump is not punk
chump is the answer
chump is unable to attend a society sponsored tournament the chump shall
chump is a many
chump is chump enough to cheat but not to meet
chump is up
chump is the third planet from jam
chump is set into motion to get rid of one pesky little brother
chump is no eggdrop
chump is still a chump
chump is veryrudimentary
chump is now on mp3
chump is
chump is or was and if you are a chump
chump is perfect for his dinner party
chump is a python bot that watches an irc channel for comments w/ links
chump is gullible enough to move his head
chump is u
chump is funny
chump is no loss to our guy
chump is working
chump is in attendance
chump is about hating a specific person
chump is damn lucky that silly ass luke hooked him up with his white hot sister
chump is getting it
chump is a ultra
chump is so fond of him
chump is tryin' to be will
chump is such a great insult
chump is left to prove his innocence to his captors who arrested him in the first place because they thought he was guilty
chump is an alternate version of slunk
chump is a punk
chump is simply cheap trailer trash
chump is still wearing his skiing outfit
chump is "u"
chump is nothing more
chump is stumped
chump is gonna turn the ball over so fast
chump is out for the game
chump is a chump
chump is a punk/rap act with a little comedy thrown in
chump is trying to take over the world but ends up talking too much and making a stupid mistake
chump is blocking a door with their body

Nickname chump

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