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Googlism comments

ciani is a graduate of wellesley college and holds a masters in music composition from the university of california at berkeley
ciani is "the voice of the lady knights"
ciani is one of the best
ciani is an electronic music pioneer
ciani is a composer and recording artist of electronic music and sound design
ciani is one of the few artist that has the power to make my soul cry
ciani is "suzanne ciani & the wave
ciani is back with an all
ciani is simply the most powerful solo pianist in the new adult contemporary genre
ciani is a composer
ciani is widely recognized as a bold electronic music pioneer
ciani is also a very emotional type who can
ciani is the person behind the "welcome to xenon" voice as well as
ciani is one of my all
ciani is printed and on the other side an italian text
ciani is especially noted for the postcards and stationary he designed for the 1992 networker
ciani is one of my favorite electronic music performers of electronic music
ciani is truly a modern master of piano and composition
ciani is also a breast cancer survivor
ciani is still well
ciani is a typical nine
ciani is like a mythical fairy who spirits the viewer off to the magical time between day and night
ciani is a 31yo
ciani is my absolute favorite new age composer and her cd titled hotel luna takes the top spot
ciani is held in verbania
ciani is the 47
ciani is a compilation album and serves as an excellent introduction to her recorded works to date
ciani is no doubt a talented artist whose varied career has been covering a wide range of fields in which she expresses her artistic
ciani is realising his desire
ciani is innocent? i was
ciani is not as great as david lanz
ciani is a joulliard graduate
ciani is serving as academic consultant for ethel mintzer lichtman who is writing a biography of her grandmother
ciani is a five
ciani is a sophomore at the school
ciani is keeping me busy with her web site
ciani is heading our antique rose project and bob tagtow has agreed to head our citrus project
ciani is a member of the south dakota outfitters association
ciani is not dependent on electricity to produce vital music
ciani is in process of getting information together for a report next month
ciani is known and
ciani is known and beloved for her 11 albums of original music in expressions as diverse as pure electronic to full orchestra
ciani is a division of monet formed in 1977 they use a patented 'friction grip' back
ciani is appearing in cabaret at the university of michigan
ciani is trying to decide whether she wants a belly piercing
ciani is known and beloved for the albums that communicate the special intimacy
ciani is the country's foremost australian
ciani is a synthesist and creates as well as performs her own instrumentals on "hotel luna"
ciani is from here
ciani is at peace
ciani is a republican
ciani is the owner of lucia bridal
ciani is already on the lemanik private equity board of directors; luca paravicini
ciani is a composer and musician with an international profile
ciani is the owner
ciani is visiting assistant professor of history at the university of san diego where she teaches us history
ciani is currently working on a comparative analysis of child care supports for the working women of detroit and san diego prior to world war ii
ciani is working with sophie on a duet
ciani is the new age artist we were looking for
ciani is one of the most
ciani is one of the most imaginative new composer/performer artists today
ciani is an ou journalism student who interned with the associated press in frankfurt
ciani is the current alternate
ciani is coordinating the initial searching and report back all potential free
ciani is known and beloved for her nine albums of original music
ciani is haunting contemporary solo piano pieces
ciani is a xenopsychologist

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