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Googlism comments

comcast is in
comcast is paying too much
comcast is like a pothole
comcast is in by declan mccullagh
comcast is in by declan mccullagh 2
comcast is paying too much by karen wallace
comcast is paying is roughly 36 times at&t broadband's trailing
comcast is like a pothole in the road
comcast is for the all american couch
comcast is evil
comcast is offering
comcast is a leading player in the cable industry
comcast is not healthy for children and other living things
comcast is apparently playing hardball in drawing up a new contract with @home
comcast is in the process of closing its deal to merge with the largest us operator
comcast is a landmark event
comcast is certainly free to project their capabilities
comcast is being particularly cautious about its public statements
comcast is upgrading its systems to fiber
comcast is primarily involved in cable
comcast is using
comcast is charging a nominal monthly fee for the service
comcast is obviously new at this
comcast is far worse than described
comcast is going to be the only entity that can help you in that case
comcast is the third
comcast is one of the three largest cable system operators in north america
comcast is bidding for cable television franchise agreements
comcast is one of the best operators in the business and has margins of between 40% and 42%
comcast is in the middle of a bid for at&t broadband
comcast is my only option for broadband
comcast is an industry leader in subscriber cash flow
comcast is convinced that if it can entice digital subscribers to click and watch
comcast is also betting that cable will be the wave of the future for the internet and that its diverse product line will enable it to sell product bundles
comcast is just one example of umbc's deep commitment to economic development
comcast is using seachange's itv system in conjunction with motorola and scientific
comcast is also exploring ways to carry streaming video over ip
comcast is leveraging the multimedia processing power of the harmony6000 platform to provide messaging services
comcast is devious and/or they have no idea of what they are doing
comcast is offering penn its @home service at $100 off of the normal installation price
comcast is proud to sponsor the sports speaker series
comcast is providing worldgate's internet tv service as part of its digital cable television package
comcast is promising to increase the number of customer service representatives dedicated primarily to serving arlington subscribers and moving its customer
comcast is a bargain after all
comcast is a proud underwriter of the arts in the park series
comcast is working with radioshack to develop a point of sale presence at nearly 600 of the retailer's stores nationwide
comcast is expected to agree to allow america online to sell a high
comcast is now expected to sweeten its offer
comcast is deploying wink in systems that will total over one and one
comcast is eyeing a future where it could hold a dominant position in the us cable tv market
comcast is an equal opportunity employer
comcast is making a big play for gamers "as video games become the entertainment of choice among young males with a lot of disposable income
comcast is
comcast is seeking to
comcast is just looking for more local programming
comcast is committed to continuing improvements
comcast is the nation's fourth
comcast is nearing its 52 week low
comcast is telling customers that intermittent service interruptions are likely for a couple
comcast is somehow looking to exact a price premium from telecommuters
comcast is watching date
comcast is building its vod systems based on a 10
comcast is helping to push the two vendors into compliance by working through
comcast is also good at raising prices
comcast is a great company and already a valuable corporate citizen of prince william county
comcast is focusing on video
comcast is eyeing
comcast is watching
comcast is proud to help philadelphia host premier international events like the x games
comcast is about to become the nation's largest cable company once it completes its merger with at&t
comcast is de 4de kabelexploitant in de vs
comcast is evaluating cisco subscriber registration center
comcast is located in downtown philadelphia and provides cable services to about 6
comcast is a technology leader
comcast is paying $20 million for naming rights to the building
comcast is upgrading all non
comcast is headquartered in philadelphia and has locations from one end of the country to the other
comcast is pleased to offer customers a choice of internet service providers
comcast is committed to providing the best customer experience possible
comcast is commanding for a crippled isp
comcast is trying to build a
comcast is added
comcast is claiming that it only tracked data according to ip address and not by specific names
comcast is running a test of high definition television
comcast is taking its time on its first public statement on vendors
comcast is making details of its offer public in an attempt to woo at&t shareholders with an offer it says is
comcast is marking the 90

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