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Googlism comments

corny is king in family
corny is always looking for recordings by innovative new artists and says he's "a sucker for
corny is this fanfic? date
corny is one of the major secret weapons in the cherotic revolution
corny is considered to be not funny
corny is very fond of the outdoors
corny is a devotee of nikola tesla
corny is sharing an apartment with a high school friend who also works at the plant
corny is a lonely guy with a crush on his next door neighbor
corny is that?
corny is that
corny is looking forward to tuesday
corny is aware that he may have to search for a new first choice keeper
corny is a word i would never use in conjunction with peter brittingham
corny is the fact that it swings all the time
corny is the word
corny is able to move because he has a backbone
corny is usually the order of the day
corny is the worst sin you can commit in her eyes
corny is maryland's answer to dick clark
corny is really weak
corny is whats expected from sandy & junior
corny is a lonely man who lives with his little dog buck in a house next door to a beautiful girl who doesn't
corny is right behind him
corny is not the word for it
corny is not the word
corny is a scruffy garrulous fellow who will gladly relate the grisely details of gaute's murders
corny is that they use words such as gay and they take the time to sign my book
corny is a good word to describe a lot of this record
corny is cool
corny is as corny does
corny is just all right with me
corny is because it?s got some truth to it
corny is a testament to the power of saint
corny is
corny is real life
corny is ok
corny is the voice of daxter
corny is justy not my thing
corny is about like calling >hendrix licks corny
corny is also an accurate phrase to describe crossroads
corny is something that used to puzzle me and i tried to analyze what it is
corny is the only or best way
corny is honored
corny is hard to conjure up twice
corny is to be responsible for the incidental music for a role
corny is fun
corny is the correct spelling by doreen peri jun 13
corny is okay
corny is great
corny is back
corny is good
corny is the narration; it's not a major complaint
corny is this
corny is interested in

Nickname corny

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