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Googlism comments

crist is taking the heat from an opponent who claimed the education commissioner has no business running for attorney general
crist is a former president of cfa and is currently its political action & legislative committee chair
crist is unqualified to be attorney general
crist is still coaxing nature to reveal its secrets
crist is in the catbird seat
crist is still pulling down a nice paycheck
crist is both a former assistant director of the boston public library
crist is the first poem in the codex known as the exeter book
crist is now seeking to move up a league and become mack's partner
crist is managing director of crist ventures and a general partner of venture bridge lp
crist is focused on the
crist is seizing the tobacco issue to make headlines
crist is arisen
crist is president of lumen group in allison park
crist is quite familiar with
crist is going to continue giving that race his full time
crist is a renown scientist and researcher who grew up on a farm in south central pennsylvania
crist is currently working on a paper that will be presented in japan in 2001
crist is assistant professor at the center for interdisciplinary studies at virginia polytechnic institute
crist is among the loudest voices demanding that inmates work to earn their keep
crist is an exceptional
crist is the only candidate from either party who has held statewide elected office
crist is relying on his political connections
crist is no amateur
crist is responsible for the overall operations of city
crist is a member of the firm's litigation practice group and the construction law practice group
crist is a shoo
crist is a graduate student in the department of cellular and molecular physiology in the college of medicine
crist is a member of the independent order of odd fellows and of the gar
crist is chief executive officer of telscape international
crist is countering with an ad saying he's more attuned to people's concerns
crist is the only one with enough money for television advertising
crist is a successful entrepreneur and has founded and grown two early
crist is an associate professor of music at emory university and the coeditor of interpreting sources in music
crist is a tireless advocate for school reform
crist is borun of god
crist is a former florida senator who served on the senate education committee
crist is president of the board of the california public employees retirement system
crist is particularly significant since he is the president of calpers
crist is listed in the 1860 census transcript with traugott and maria louisa
crist is planned parenthood's chief abortionist at the forest park street abortion facility in st
crist is mad now
crist is trying to do on lake winnebago what he did on northern
crist is refusing to let the amalgamation issue die
crist is right? could it be that we're simply being
crist is a director of the company
crist is collaborating on the project with ann fingar
crist is a program officer in the institute's jennings randolph fellowship program
crist is on
crist is being considered for promotion and as a future conservative parliamentary candidate
crist is considered the favorite and has spent much of the past decade meeting gop voters
crist is now trying out for the role of state attorney general
crist is the only candidate with statewide name recognition
crist is unacceptable
crist is a certified public accountant who graduated in 1969 from michigan state university with a ba degree in accounting and finance
crist is a member of the chaparral 4
crist is a graduate of north carolina state university and earned his mba from the kellogg school at northwestern university
crist is a member of the christian church
crist is currently on the faculty of messiah college
crist is a provider for mamsi/optimum choice/alliance
crist is a democrat in his political affiliation and while living in roodhouse township her served as assessor for many years and was also justice of the
crist is chairman of the criminal justice committee
crist is the publisher of the brewton standard
crist is confermyd in you; 1
crist is proud of that reputation
crist is an ardent supporter of gov
crist is a professor of economics at california state university
crist is an economics professor
crist is a board of directors member of the cincinnati/northern kentucky international airport and a university of kentucky fellow
crist is the data manager for the vaccine unit
crist is
crist is the kind of person
crist is not running for re
crist is the publisher of daily racing form
crist is listed as an author of numerous scientific publications and holds a us patent for a novel treatment of non
crist is a letter
crist is right
crist is at her wit's end
crist is looking
crist is the subject of this tale
crist is personable
crist is among 6
crist is a research group in the department of communication and electronic engineering at the university of plymouth
crist is sponsoring the death penalty reform act of 2000
crist is seen by many as a lightweight political opportunist with no clear agenda
crist is a lightning rod in the abortion debate because

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